National Science Week Quiz! QuestionsPhysics1. In physics, what comes in fla...
National Science Week Quiz! QuestionsTrue or false1. Marie Curie was the fir...
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National science week quiz questions 2012

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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. National Science Week Quiz! QuestionsPhysics1. In physics, what comes in flavours such as top, strange and charm?2. Does sound travel faster in air or water?3. How many nuclear reactors are there in Australia?4. In nuclear science, what is a barn?5. Where might you find wigglers and undulators? MedicineChemistry 1. Where is your mandible?1. What is the molecular formula for methane? 2. Why is poo typically brown?2. What is the name given to a substance which changes 3. What are the longest cells in the human body? the rate of a chemical reaction but isn’t consumed by 4. If you were engaging your zygomaticus major muscles, the reaction? what would you be doing?3. In chemistry, what does PVA stand for? 5. Which contains more caffeine: green tea or black tea?4. How many neutrons are there in a deuterium nucleus? Mathematics5. What are the names of the elements that have atomic numbers of 114 and 116? 1. How many seconds are there in 20 minutes? 2. Of all the shapes with a perimeter of 1 metre, whichEarth science has the largest area?1. Which element is more common in the Earth’s crust: 3. Add up these numbers in your head: 1000, 40, 1000, platinum or gold? 30, 1000, 20, 1000, 102. What is a seismometer used to measure? 4. If it takes six people six hours to dig six holes, how long3. Which modern day continents made up the does it take one person to dig one hole? supercontinent Laurasia? 5. Which of these are mathematical objects? Kepler’s4. Where are the only active volcanoes in Australia goblins, Kepler’s monsters, Kepler’s ghosts, Kepler’s located? fairies.5. What is the name given to waves caused by the Space science disturbance of a large volume of water, often as a 1. Which body in our Solar System is the GRAIL result of an earthquake? spacecraft investigating?Plants and animals 2. What type of gas is needed to create new stars?1. What tasty substance is produced by Apis mellifera? 3. Most planets in our Solar System rotate anticlockwise2. During 2012, Professor David Bowman suggested except for two. Which two? introducing which of the following animals into 4. In what year did the last transit of Venus occur? northern Australia: a) elephants; b) water buffalo; c) lions; d) Komodo dragons? 5. Auroras were photographed recently for the first time in 2011 on which planet?3. Gentoo, little and rockhopper are all types of what?4. Which continent did potatoes originally come from?5. What do a ladybird’s bright colours indicate?
  • 2. National Science Week Quiz! QuestionsTrue or false1. Marie Curie was the first person to win two Nobel Prizes.2. The Universe is expanding and the expansion is decelerating.3. Scientists from the University of Glasgow used a 3D printer to create chemical compounds.4. An ozone molecule is made of three oxygen atoms.5. Cyclones spin anticlockwise in the southern hemisphere.6. The troposphere is the highest layer of the Earth’s atmosphere.7. Cows have three stomachs.8. The scientific name of the western gorilla is Gorilla gorilla.9. Argon is the most abundant gas in the Earth’s atmosphere after nitrogen and oxygen.10. Water vapour is a greenhouse gas.

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