July 4-9th 2009 - Brest, France
Invitation to participate to the
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Program and registration : http://conferences.telecom-bretagne.eu/mlearning09/
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Final Program for Mobile Learning Summer School http://conferences.telecom-bretagne.eu/mlearning09
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  • 1. July 4-9th 2009 - Brest, France Invitation to participate to the Sixth Technology Enhanced Learning Summer School on Mobile Learning The sixth Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning is organized by CNRS, in collaboration with the community of the network of excellence Kaleidoscope. It is hosted by Telecom Bretagne, a prestigious graduate engineering school and international research centre in the field of information technologies. The main goal of the summer school is to bring together PhD students with experienced researchers from the techno- logy enhanced learning community about mobile Learning. This topic will be addressed from a cognitive viewpoint (pedagogy, didactic, education, etc.) and a technological viewpoint (computer-based models, architectures, etc.) in- cluding: Sponsored by: • Educational Practices with Mobile Devices, • Mobile Interaction, Augmented Reality • Pervasive Learning Environments, • Semantic Web, • Adaptive Components and Mobile Architecture, • Context, Context-Aware Adaptation
  • 2. Practical Informations Program and registration : http://conferences.telecom-bretagne.eu/mlearning09/ Registration before 6th June Public institutions 600 € Private institutions 900 € PhD candidates 400 € Fees include admission to the lectures, conferences and practical works, meals and campus accommodation. A gala dinner will be organized on Tuesday 7th. Brest Lille For accommodation, the Brest campus has 465 single rooms and 34 studios, organised in comfortable residences with well equipped kit- chens. Strasbourg Paris Rennes Location Brest is located on the western part of Brittany, 600 km away from BREST Paris. It is served by an International airport. Coordinators Serge Garlatti (Telecom Bretagne, Brest, France) Nicolas Balacheff (LIG, Grenoble, France) Toulouse Sophia Antipolis Contact Organization Committee Jean-Marie Gilliot (Telecom Bretagne, Brest, France) jm.gilliot@telecom-bretagne.eu Télécom-Bretagne - Technopôle Brest-Iroise- CS 29238 Brest Cedex - Phone: +33(0)2 29 00 11 11 MORLAIX RENNES PARIS Voie Express St RENAN Les Abers Zone Industrielle de Kergaradec Lambézellec Kérinou H Bellevue St Martin HÔTEL DE St Marc Cavale Blanche VILLE OCÉANOPOLIS Vo ie E Recouvrance xpress QUIMPER TECHNOPÔLE Arsenal NANTES BREST-IROISE Site de la pointe UET du diable ONQ LE C RADE DE BREST
  • 3. Program 04 July 2009 05 July 2009 06 July 2009 07 July 2009 08 July 2009 09 July 2009 9:00 10:30 10:45 12:15 14:00 15:30 Educational practice From VLE to Pervasive Mobile interaction Modeling and manage- Future Learning Land- with mobile phones Learning Environments (Laurence Nigay) ment of context scapes - Hot topics and 16:00 (Agnes Kukulska-Hulme) (Yvan Peter, (Amel. Bouzeghoub, open questions Thomas Vantroys,) Serge Garlatti) 17:30 RECEPTION Mobile, contextualised Adaptive components and Learning with Augmented Context-aware adapta- and cooperative learning mobile architecture Reality (Thomas Van- tion (Amel Bouzeghoub, Summary 18:00 (Bertrand David) (Antoine Beugnard, troys, Benjamin Barbry, Serge Garlatti) and discussion Jean-Marie Gilliot) Yvan Peter) 19:00 Departures 20:00 PW 1 : PW 2 : PW 1 : PW 2 : PW 1 : PW 2 : Using a Treasure Design of a Design of Modeling Modeling Introduction to Mobile mobile lear- hunt using pervasive components the context context and Learning school (Serge ning system mobile tech- learning en- for a mobile of a learning using model 21:30 Garlatti, Yvan Peter) nologies vironment learning scenario engineering task Social Event PW 2 : PW 1 : PW 2 : PW 1 : Visit of PW 2 : PW 1 : Treasure Using a mo- Design of Design of a Modeling Modeling A Theory of Learning for hunt using bile learning components pervasive Pointe Saint Matthieu context and the context the Mobile Age mobile tech- system for a mobile learning using model of (Mike Sharples) nologies learning environment Le Conquet engineering a learning task scenario Brest Meeting Point Pedagogical Comittee Research-Industry Meeting TXTTOOLS Mobile Learning: Role of network Evaluation Poster session experiments and stakes Gala Dinner On Board components in a context (Agnes Kukulska-Hulme) and buffet for Auchan aware architecture (Sylvie Lerouge) (Alain Ottavi)