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National Agent\'s Sales Journal

April 2008 Nat ASJ - Joe Dokes Section
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. From the Agent’s Desk A satirical look at an agent’s work life, from the files of Joe Dokes, CLU By David Douglas Ford April 1, 2008 Producer’sSalesJournal How Do You Handle This Objection? >> p.5 Sales from the Dark Side >> p.8 Special Section: Do you have clients who think they can’t buy Peggy thought she’d made a sale life insurance just because they are currently on until her “You Might Die” close upset The 2008 death row? See what fellow agents have to say. her client so much, he actually died! International Markets Survey New Approach TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCES To Prospecting Raises A BRAVE NEW WORLD OF Eyebrows and Earmuffs INSURANCE PROBLEMS Foreign Experts BY GAMIE JOLAND BY PRISTINE CELLETT Talk About: In what many industry critics There are soon to be more problems in the insurance are calling the worst prospect- world than were ever dreamed of in your philosophy. ing idea ever to come down the The latest such dilemma involves the much ballyhooed • How to close pike, the insurance lead mar- court case between Mr. Joe Dokes, CLU and Mr. Joe Frenchmen without keting firm known as Broker- Dokes. The trial involves the first known documented wearing a beret busters Ltd. has created a new case of human cloning where an insurance agent agreed device for life insurance lead to have his DNA used for the purpose of duplicating generation that has everyone, himself as a fully grown adult human being. Said the • Why Greenland is including the FCC, crying foul. “original” Mr. Dokes, “The paperwork and home of- now a debit agent’s The new insurance sales mar- fice requirements were just piling up and I finally real- paradise keting plan utilizes a revolu- ized I couldn’t possibly catch up. Cloning just seemed tionary new cold call telephone like the best solution.” The basis of the case involves a approach that can momentarily dispute between Mr. Dokes and his clone over renewal • Close to the equator, disrupt the TV program the commissions that were denied the clone due to his nev- what policies are prospect is watching and put er having passed the state insurance exam and thereby hottest? up a picture of the insurance not being legally qualified to receive fees or revenues agent while it runs through a of any kind. prerecorded message of why In a most interesting sidenote to this case, the College the prospect should consider for Insurance Professionals has refused to allow the making an appointment with cloned version of Mr. Dokes to use the CLU designa- ... Continued on next page ... Continued on next page Send your comments to or for Joe Dokes archives visit

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