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Priceless callforsubmissions

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Priceless callforsubmissions

  • 1. Priceless T H E A R T A U C T I O N F O R Y O - P R O S S P E N D Y O U R T I M E , N O T Y O U R D I M E PRICELESS & YOU Local artists are commissioned to make artworks (valued $500 - 1,000). At the Priceless auction each piece is auctioned off to young professionals. The winner of each artwork is the ‘YoPro’ who pledges the most volunteer hours. These hours are worked off valued at participating not-for-profit organizations. Each artwork will be endorsed through the year within the local sponsors’ locations and throughout the event’s promotion. Throughout the year, the artworks will be presented to each winner upon pledge completion. YOUR APPLICATION This is an open call for the first annual PRICELESS juried art auction. Submission is open to all artists working in all photography, painting, print- making, drawing and sculpture. Abstract, expressive, impressionist and realistic styles are all welcome. Successful entries will combine an original subject/concept and feature excellent composition in chosen medium. This exhibition will not be curated on a theme but rather the work will be chosen on the basis of artistic merit and originality. The jury is looking for pieces that will be displayed in homes & offices that will appeal to the target demographic of professionals in the emerging generation. THE ARTWORKS Approximately 20 pieces will be selected for the exhibition. Successful entries will be commissioned for $500-1,000. Audio/visual pieces are not eligible for submission. Pieces must be wall-ready. Artists may frame/mat their work as they see fit. Completed pieces and early submissions will be featured in promotion of the event. This may include visual display of artwork in advertising, artist interviews, etc. By entering, the artist gives NEXTNiagara permission to use the artwork for display and other noncommercial purposes. The deadline to submit entry forms is September 1. Accepted entries will be notified by October 1. Finished pieces must be submitted by February 1, 2014. PaymentisconditionalupondeliveryofthecompletedartworkbyFebruary1,2014. ENTRY SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS To submit a proposal for the 2014 Priceless Gala, please send the following items to • A visual/physical description of the proposed piece (1 page or less) • A Project Statement about the work (1 page or less) • Artist CV or resume/bio of the artist (1-3 pages) • 5 – 15 images of recent work (pdf or jpg format, at least 150 dpi) • Work that is already created requires submitted photographs of the piece (pdf or jpg format, 300 dpi). Please ensure that ‘Priceless Artwork Submission’ is included in the subject line. ANY QUESTIONS CAN BE SUBMITTED TO PRICELESSNIAGARA@GMAIL.COM — CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS — SU B M I S S I O N S ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED FOR PRICELESS, THE ART AUCTION FOR YOUNG PROFESSIONALS PRESENTED BY SPONSORED BYWITH SUPPORT FROM October 1. November 1.-------- -----------

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