Filmmaker Isabel Coixet presents exhibition at Roca Lisboa GalleryCreated by the award-winnin...
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Filmmaker Isabel Coixet presents exhibition at Roca Lisboa Gallery
Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Filmmaker Isabel Coixet presents exhibition at Roca Lisboa GalleryCreated by the award-winning Catalan filmmaker Isabel Coixet, Aral - The Lost Sea is a faithful andmoving documentary about one of the worst ecological disasters in human history. The exhibition can thbe seen at Roca Lisboa Gallery until April 28 . thLisbon, February 9 , 2012 – The Aral Sea, situated in Central Asia, on the borders between Kazakhstan andUzbekistan, was once the fourth largest salt water lake in the world, but human interference has almost madeit vanish, reducing its volume of water by 80%. This exhibition, the work of award-winning Catalan filmmakerIsabel Coixet, is a faithful and thought-provoking synthesis of one of the greatest environmental catastrophesin the history of mankind.«With this initiative that we have developed in partnership with the We Are Water foundation, Roca aims todraw the publics attention to one of the most serious ecological disasters that has ever happened. Theseattacks on the environment can not be forgotten and, above all, can never be repeated. Securing the future ofthe planet depends on each and every one of us. Roca has taken on this commitment in all senses of theword, at corporate, social and cultural levels. Isabel Coixet’s exhibition is, within this context, a valuablecontribution», says Jorge Vieira, Roca S.A. managing director.Constituting a visual synthesis of scenes from the past and the reality of the present, the display shows thecauses and consequences of the drying up and contamination of the Aral Sea. «It provides us with theopportunity to reflect on the bad management of water resources. Water is vital for economic and socialdevelopment, but it is not within the reach of everyone», explains the filmmaker.Designed by architect Makoto Fukuda, and featuring photographs by Jordi Azategui, Aral - The Lost Sea will th thbe on display at Roca Lisboa Gallery from February 9 until April 28 , and is accompanied by the supportingdocumentary of the same name by the Catalan filmmaker.Isabel Coixet invites visitors to set out in search of the Aral Sea: «It used to appear as a cobalt-blue swathe onmaps hung on classroom walls in our schools years ago. A mass of water that became increasingly smallerand smaller…. Until one day the blue mark had become a shadow of what it once had been».Isabel CoixetThroughout her career, Isabel Coixet has produced documentaries about subjects of great importance. Worthhighlighting are Listening to the Judge (2010), about the Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón, who became famousbecause of his tireless fight against crime, terrorism and corruption; Invisibles (2007), about the work of theinternational organization Doctors without Borders; and Journey to the Heart of Torture (2003), on therehabilitation of torture victims, in Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina.We Are Water foundationPromoting a new water culture and acting against the negative effects from a lack of water resources are themain aims to the We Are Water foundation. Launched by Roca in September 2010, the foundation hasparticipated in building infrastructure and has supported education, health and research projects in thepoorest parts of the world, in partnership with different NGO’s. www.wearewater.orgRocaRoca is the world leader in defining bathroom spaces and is a strong reference in the world of design. Thecompany is currently in 135 countries and has 69 production facilities spread over five continents.Roca’s position as a world leader is reflected in the creation of highly versatile products that can easily beadapted to satisfy consumer habits globally, ones which offer customised solutions to meet all demands.At Roca, in a process of continual research, design and innovation work hand-in-hand to create a commonfuture of comfort and wellbeing. Thanks to its efforts, Roca is the brand of reference worldwide in the creationof bathroom spaces. www.roca.comPress contactsRoca: Joana Pinheiro,, +351 261938487, +351 936892346

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