NAGCAS Institutional Representative Committee 2013 AGM Report
I commenced as Chair of the group in January. Initial effor...
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Nagcas institutional representative committee agm report

NAGCAS Institutional Reps C'tee Report to 2013 AGM,
Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. NAGCAS Institutional Representative Committee 2013 AGM Report I commenced as Chair of the group in January. Initial efforts went into increasing the number of universities with institutional membership – a number of busy senior staff were confused about (or had overlooked) the process of institutional membership and the opportunities it provides. It is worthwhile revisiting why we have an IR group -the old concept of “Head of Service” is no longer the way we connect. Many career practitioners are focussed on exerting influence to increase the reach and effectiveness of career development learning and employability agendas across their institutions, in some cases that means communities of practice and in others practitioners may be positioned with varying reporting lines within an institution. What these people have in common are roles and professionalism consistent with the CICA standards, and a desire to be part of a professional organisation that values diversity of approaches and roles. They may work in TAFE or Higher Education, and are valued members of the new, extended NAGGCAS “family” The Institutional Representatives Committee has seen more activity in 2013 than recent years.There are currently 35 Institutional Representatives, with 33 of them members of the NAGCAS IR LinkedIn group, which is the primary means of communication. 11 members participated in a teleconference in May on the topic of” Defining our niche in the world of industry engagement” A poll was conducted, and areas of greatest interest were 1. Working party to scope and share national and international trends and good practice, utilising employers (large and small), student and academic stakeholder groups; 2 Working party to establish NAGCAS advisory board to work with employers and consider national forums. However it is indicative of the busyness of these cross institution roles that none was able to volunteer to lead either of the groups! Hopefully this will change in 2014. There has been robust discussion and many ideas put forward across the group for the agenda for IR meeting, held Sunday Dec 1. In summary, 2013 has been a year to consolidate Institutional membership as an important valueadd of NAGCAS involvement. We need to make sure that the dialogue continues in 2014, and that all IRs are active in the NAGCAS IR LinkedIn group Joanne Tyler November 2013

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