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National Award to the Gästrike region for the export of their expertise.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. For a world that lasts longer For contact please visit us at National Award to the Gästrike region for the export of their expertise. Press release 26 November 2015 On November 25th we saw Gastrike återvinnare take home a national prize for their successful investment in the export of knowledge. The Swedish recycling Award 2015 recognises Gästrike återvinnare’s endeavours both locally and internatio- nally to contribute to a world that will last longer. ”It feels good to receive confirmation that we are making the right decisions. We have created an advisory business for sus- tainable development in an international arena”, said Thomas Nylund, Association Director, Gästrike återvinnare ”I hope that the national prize we received today will inspire other stakeholders in the industry to invest internationally”, said Per-Olov Hallberg, Head of International Relations at Gästrike Återvinnare. Internationally, Gästrike återvinnare had been engaged in an advisory capacity in Serbia before their EU entry. In Poland, the municipality association implemented an EU funded training programme for 520 contracting companies within the waste management industry. Further assignments in both Europé and the rest of the world are pending. Gästrike återvinnare have lots of energy and employees have extensive knowledge in waste management and how to make the infrastructure within waste management and the environ- ment work. By daring to take new pathways we are creating more value in our region and in other countries. We make it possible for others to be environmental heroes. World Leaders The Swedish Recycling Award gala was hosted by the magazi- ne Recycle, the Swedish Recycling Industries Association and Swedish Waste Management on Wednesday, 25 November 2015 at the Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg for both private and municipal stakeholders. Gästrike återvinnare was awarded the prize with special recognition for the following: This year’s Special Prize is awarded to a stakeholder which has achieved much more than is customary. The winner has contri- buted to ecological and socially sustainable development and created many contacts both regionally and globally. Other positive results include contributing to a better environment and positive social development. This year’s Special Prize winner has also built an excellent and renowned reputation for both itself and Sweden as a country. For questions please contact: Thomas Nylund, Director Gästrike återvinnare, +46 26-17 84 89

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