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Press Release IDR Redaction

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release IDR Redaction

  • 1. Charlie King<br />#<br />Feith Systems and Software, Inc.<br />Email<br />FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE<br />FEITH SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE, INC. DEVELOPS NEW TECHNOLOGY TO AUTOMATICALLY CONCEAL PRIVATE INFORMATION ON ANY PUBLIC DOCUMENT<br />Fort Washington, PA. (May X, 2010)- In response to the growing need to conceal personal information on public documents, Feith Systems and Software, Inc. has developed Intelligent Document Recognition software (IDR). This new technology will locate and place a black bar over all private information from any document eliminating the need for manual redaction. Documents will be stored in Feith’s enterprise document database, which is currently certified as a DOD 5015.2 records management application.<br />Identity theft and fraud are a rapidly growing, billion dollar a year enterprise, thriving off personal information readily available to the public. This new technology will allow companies to protect their employees’ and customers’ personal information quickly and efficiently like never before. <br />IDR software will automatically recognize, redact (black bar) and store information from any document, without the need to pre-program its location. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, the system can hunt for a certain field or pattern and redact it where it is displayed. <br />“In the past, it was difficult for a company to manage multiple document types,” said Charlie King, Director of Solutions at Feith. “With this technology the software can find and redact information, while capturing and storing it from multiple documents at the same time.”<br />In attempts to comply with HIPAA regulations and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), companies and agencies must have all personal and corporate records readily available to the public. This allows for tens of millions of customers’ and employees’ personal documents, files, and records to be seen by the public at any given time. Until recently, there have been limited options to protect personal information. Using manpower, the documents would be painstakingly sorted through and the information removed with a marker or black bar. The other option was to use under developed computer software to redact the information. This software relied on using preprogrammed coordinates to locate the information for each type of document; making it inefficient and time consuming.<br />Using Feith’s new technology, companies can easily hide personal information, without coordinates on any kind of document. The technology also has the ability to be programmed with multiple scan modes enabling it to store key data and classify the document while redacting it. The modes will allow a user to not only hide non-public information, but also store it directly and safely from any type of form.<br />“An example is to hide and store the pattern shown in Social Security Numbers,” said King. “The system will search for a series of ten numbers separated by dashes and hide it. These patterns are not just limited to numbers; any word, phrases or names can also all be hidden.”<br />###<br />

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