Nandos radio commercial analysis
From the outset of the advert the content was humorous and was full of repetitive and ca...
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Nandos radio commercial analysis

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Nandos radio commercial analysis From the outset of the advert the content was humorous and was full of repetitive and catchy sayings the voice was conversational and jokey in an attempt to appeal to a broad audience by using a slogan that tries to incorporate as many people as possible “It’s okay” was the main slogan of the advert trying to assure that whatever the customer wanted and asked for “it’s okay” this was a way of making the advert humorous and enticing to potential to potential customers. The company name was mentioned numerous times especially at the start just to identify to listeners that it was their advert as a way of brand recognition, The advert voiceover was a stereotypical Portuguese accent, as a way of trying to identify the ethnicity of the company even though Nandos is originally South African it’s also important that when making a radio advert that you follow the rules of the Radio advertising clearance company (RACC) they have the guidelines and rules, for each different kind of advert There are detailed rules on food, nutrition and health claims in the BCAP Code (Rules 13.1-13.15, Section 13, here is the mission statement for food from the Committee of advertising practise (CAP) Public health policy increasingly emphasises good dietary behaviour and an active lifestyle as a means of promoting health. Commercial product advertising cannot reasonably be expected to perform the same role as education and public information in promoting a varied and balanced diet but should not undermine progress towards national dietary improvement by misleading or confusing consumers or by setting a bad example, especially to children. The spirit, as well as the letter, of the rules in this section applies to all advertisements that promote, directly or indirectly, a food or soft drink product. In the Nandos advert I felt they kept within the guidelines of food regulations, as they did not mislead the listeners or falsely advertise a product, they kept they specific product marketing to a minimum and instead chose just to push brand recognition. However the accent the voiceover used could be seen as controversial, because you could say it was in poor taste and was playing up to stereotypes, specifically the part where the voiceover said “even my sister Paula with her one joint eyebrow” this could be targeted as stereotyping countries and people Here is the RACC’s guideline on accents Accents When different nationalities or regional accents are used in advertisement scenarios, care is needed so as not to cause offence by negative stereotyping or by ridiculing the relevant country, region or racial group. Overall I thought the advert completed what it was targeted to do which was to heighten brand awareness through its catch phrases and brand identification, the advert was humorous and would certainly engage listeners. The music choice was appropriate based on the ethnicity of the restaurant.