Stop! Say No to Gray Hair op!!Getting gray, silver or white hair is a normal part of gro...
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Natural Hair Greying Remedy

Most of us do not look forward to our hair turning gray. Whether it is the gray hair we frantically "pluck" at first sighting or the numerous gray hairs framing our face, lining our part, or just scattered throughout our hair...we want it out! Trips to the beauty salon, or the hair care section, could be a fad of the past. The solution to no more gray hair may be within our control.....
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Natural Hair Greying Remedy

  • 1. Stop! Say No to Gray Hair op!!Getting gray, silver or white hair is a normal part of growing older. You can start to get gray at any agebecause hair turns gray due to age and genetics. In fact, as you get older pigment cells in your hairfollicles start to die. Hair has two types of pigments, dark and light. These pigments blend together tomake a wide range of colors. Gray hair is more noticeable if you have dark hair to start. What is neededis something that will counteract this natural occurrence. Something that will help return your hair to its s willnatural color and health.Some things that can cause gray hair are: Thyroid disorders Vitamin B12 deficiency Vertigo Early menopause SmokingHair is made up of two parts; the root and the shaft. Hair color is controlled in the root with the irchemical melanin. The formation of melanin begins before birth. As you continue to get older, fewerpigment cells will be around to produce melanin. The light or dark color of your hair depends on howmuch melanin each hair contains. As your melanocytes weaken and cease to function they produce lessmelanin and gray will gradually set in. Chances of turning gray increase 10 20% every decade after age 10-20%30.Studies have reported that gray hair is caused due to a chemical reaction to hydrogen peroxide thatdefeats melanin. We would like to offer you No More Gray with Catalase. You were born with Catalasebut it diminishes as you age. This enzyme brakes down hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water hydrogenallowing melanin to again control the color of your hair.Visit us to fight against gray hair, for skin care and health care products. Click below for exclusive limitedtime offer. Exclusive Member area

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