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NACAE Executive Director

Piedmont Unified School District is seeking an Executive Director for its Northern Alameda Consortium for Adult Education.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - NACAE Executive Director

  • 1. Executive Director Northern Alameda Consortium for Adult Education Joint Powers Authority (JPA) About the Northern Alameda Consortium for Adult Education (NACAE) The Northern Alameda Consortium for Adult Education (NACAE) is an alliance of members, including school districts, (Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Emery, Oakland and Piedmont) and Peralta Community Colleges (Berkeley City College, College of Alameda, Laney and Merritt) to provide better coordinated and improved services for adult learners with basic skills. The NACAE Consortium is led by two bodies: (1) an Executive Cabinet which serves as the decision-making body and comprised of the officially appointed designees from each of the Consortium Members in the region; (2) an operational board, or Working Group, comprised of representatives from each member Adult School District, Community Colleges, and the PCC District who are primarily responsible for the ongoing operations of the Consortium. The Consortium is State funded through the AB104 - Adult Education Block Grant. NACAE Goals The Consortium has currently segregated its work efforts into three major categories which include the following: (1) Provide near-term scale-up in services in seven identified programs, thereby achieving a 20% increase in the number of students served as a result of increased funding and expansion of programs; (2) Align and articulate existing curriculum among the member districts and community colleges, creating new “non-credit to credit” course sequences; (3) Create a joint system of operations. NACAE members recognize the importance of centralizing a number of processes and procedures (such as aligning assessments, facilitating student placement and education planning, establishing data-sharing MOU’s, developing mutual facilities plans and educational centers, aligning minimum qualifications and hiring plans, and exploring legal options for embedding non-credit instruction in credit CTE classes) under a common infrastructure. Primary Responsibilities Reporting to the JPA Executive Cabinet, the Executive Director assists the Cabinet with the following work:  Development/tracking of Consortium goals and work plans and acts as operational manager, including preparation of an annual budget and cost allocation plan based upon recommendations made by the Working Group;  Provide reports and information regarding issues affecting the management of the Consortium;  Recommend selection of consultants and contractors, monitoring contracts and agreements, and serving as a liaison with interested groups and representing the JPA in meetings;  Conduct and oversee the JPA’s administrative operations;  Coordinate with the Consortium’s fiscal agent in conducting the financial operations of the JPA;  Manage NACAE communications, including the Consortium’s website;
  • 2.  Participate in a variety of meetings, committees, task forces, etc. to communicate information regarding services, programs, and areas of opportunity as appropriate;  Confer with governmental agencies and other organizations regarding program issues. The Candidate The ideal candidate will be an experienced administrator/executive who has exceptional leadership, communication and consensus-building skills, and possess an in-depth understanding of public education. In addition, the candidate should possess the following qualities:  The ability to serve as leader of a highly visible organization with a complex educational mission  Knowledge of the principles, practices and methods used in education grant planning and the ability to provide support and staff leadership to a Cabinet of appointed officials and to comply with the legal requirements of a public entity (including the Brown Act and Public Records Act)  The ability to build strong relationships with other public agencies and community-based organizations, and to engage the general public  The ability to communicate and coordinate effectively, and experience preparing and writing effective reports, facilitating stakeholder groups and making presentations  Strong administrative skills, including budgeting and team-oriented management Candidate Qualifications  Education and experience equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, with major work that might include public or business administration, public education, law, and preferably an advanced degree in one of these areas of study  A minimum of three years of increasing responsibility in education, public administration, or related field experience  Experience working with adults in career development strongly preferred  Experience with collection, management, and coordination of data is required  Prior experience serving traditionally underserved student populations strongly preferred  Proficient in computer software and computer applications Compensation and Benefits To be determined based on qualifications and experience: Minimum salary is $120,000 Selection Process Following the filing deadline, resumes will be screened (which may include a preliminary interview) by a committee comprised of Working Group and Executive Cabinet members along with selected members from community-based organizations appointed by the Cabinet. The committee will recommend finalists to the JPA Executive Cabinet for interviews and final selection. The starting date is April 1, 2016. The Executive Director’s office will be located at one of the Peralta Community College campuses.