Questionnaire<br />Name: _______________<br />Sex: Male/Female<br />1.Age group<br /> a) 10-19 years b) 20-29 years c) ...
Nasim questionnaire
Nasim questionnaire
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Nasim questionnaire

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Questionnaire<br />Name: _______________<br />Sex: Male/Female<br />1.Age group<br /> a) 10-19 years b) 20-29 years c) 30-39 years d) 40-49 years e) 50 & above<br />2.Which mobile operator service do you use ?<br /> a) Airtel b) Vodafone c)Aircel d) Idea e)Bsnl f) TATA docomo g) Uninor<br />3.Which of the following scheme do you use from your service ?<br /> a) Postpaid b) Prepaid<br />4. From which source you came to know about mobile operator?<br />a)Advertisement b) Sales Promotion c)Direct selling d)Personal selling e) Public Relation <br />5. How long are you been subscriber of this network?<br /> a)Less than 1 month b) 2-6 months c) 6-12 months d) 1 -2 years e) 2-4 years f)4-6 years g)More than 6 years<br />6. Which services are more helpful to you while using your operator services?<br /> a) Call rates b) SMS service c) Network Coverage d) Value Added Services e) Booster Pack<br />7.How often you call customer care ?<br />a) Daily b) Once in a week c) Once in a month d) Occasionally e) Never call<br />8. If so for what reason you call customer care?<br /> a) Value added services b) Information regarding new schemes c) To know about call rates d) complaining e)other queries<br />9. Rate the following services on the basis of your satisfaction.<br />ServicesExcellentVery GoodFairly goodAveragePoorNetworkSMS ratesNew schemes and offersCustomer Care Recharge outletsCall RatesValue Added Services<br />10. Why you are not using other operator services?<br />a)Lack of awareness b) High Prices c) Poor Services d) Poor network e)Tariff not suited to my plan<br />11. Would you like to recommend your operator service to others?<br /> a) Yes b) No<br />12. Give your suggestions about your operator service to help in serve you better.<br />________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />

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