Preventing Teen Smoking
According to charts, graphs, and a lot of data, teen smoking is on the rise. Many
Based on all this information, I think it’s time for the U.S. government to put
limits on cigarettes in the media. Laws sh...
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Preventing Teen Smoking

Problem solution essay about preventing teen smoking.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Preventing Teen Smoking According to charts, graphs, and a lot of data, teen smoking is on the rise. Many teens are smoking in parks, under bridges, and in town, which means away from adults, mostly parental control. Also, a lot of it is peer pressure. Some kids that just want to fit in or have friends will get pressured into smoking just to have friends. Smoking is a bad idea because it can cause diseases which are health risks. Some of the ways that teen smoking is increased is by showing smoking on TV and movies. Everyone knows Hannah Montana. A lot of little girls look up to her and copy her. If she started to smoke, then the kids would copy her because she would be telling them, “I’m cool and famous and I smoke”, so they would want to do the same. Another way to stop teen smoking is to decrease ads in magazines. Most kids and teens look at magazines and read them. I know because when I’m in line at the grocery store I look at and read magazines and their covers. On most of the pages they always have ads for something. The ones of smoking are pretty much sending out the message that actors are cool for smoking. Apparel is another thing that promotes smoking, like the cowboy hat and vest that the tough Marlboro man used to wear. I also see shirts in stores with Marilyn Monroe smoking a cigarette. There are ads where men are dressed really nice with pretty women around them, so some guys think if they wear those clothes and smoke cigarettes, girls will like them and it will make them hot. Those are some ways teen smoking can be stopped by taking smoking ads out of the public image. Another way to fight teen smoking is education. Everyone knows that about two months of D.A.R.E. for only fifth graders is not going to stop teen smoking. If schools had different motivational speakers every month that talked about peer pressure, kids would listen to them more. The motivational speaker could show all the health risks that smoking could cause in the long run. The next way to prevent teen smoking is having meetings with parents of teens. Having meetings with parents could show them the effects of teen smoking. Also, some parents buy cigarettes for their kids and shorten their life. If you start smoking at the age of twelve, they say you may live only to about twenty-five or thirty. Another way is to have parents talk to their kids about smoking. Some kids might listen to their parents more than a stranger. You can also tell your teen about how smoking is not good and about the major health risks. I pick taking smoking out of TV programs and movies as the way to help prevent teen smoking. One reason why is because in even kid movies they have smoking. In One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Cruela Deville smokes in over half the movie which shows watchers that smoking is alright. Another reason why I picked this reason is because TV and movies make it look fun and cool. But I mean, ask kids if it is really cool to get lung cancer or other health problems. Now probably one of the best reasons is how kids and teens look up to actors and actresses. If High School Musical and Hannah Montana actors smoked, kids would want to follow them. Just think of how many kids would start to smoke. Think of how many kids sit and watch TV. Commercials might make smoking look cool, but do they ever tell the side effect. They do tell the side effects, but only in small print. Also, in movies the actors aren’t really smoking, but watchers don’t always know that. Smoking can look cool, but having lung cancer and mouth diseases aren’t. That’s why I think getting rid of smoking on TV and in movies would decrease teen smoking.
  • 2. Based on all this information, I think it’s time for the U.S. government to put limits on cigarettes in the media. Laws should be passed to limit or do away with the TV shows and commercials where there is smoking. They should have more commercials about the effects of smoking so people can see the reality of the bad habit. All of this could help prevent or stop teen smoking. By Kati Valentine

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