Kayla Presswood
16 Grey Squirrel Circle Medway, MA 02053| kayla.presswood@uconn.edu| (774)-277-2339|
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Kayla Presswood 16 Grey Squirrel Circle Medway, MA 02053| kayla.presswood@uconn.edu| (774)-277-2339| KaylaPresswood_LinkedIn OBJECTIVE Seeking internship for the summer of 2016 in the field of biomedical engineering or tissue engineering with research opportunities using laboratory, organizational, and communicational skills EDUCATION University of Connecticut Storrs, CT Bachelors of Science in Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Minor: Material Science Engineering GPA: 3.314/4.000 Relevant Courses: Junior Design, Human Physiology and Anatomy, Biomechanics, LabVIEW Basics for Engineers, Materials Science & Engineering I & II, Biomaterials, Sensory Neuroscience Lab, Biomedical Eng. Measurements. SKILLS Computer: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint Programs: Solid Works, Pasco Capstone,NetForce, Arduino, Matlab, LabView, ABAQUS, BioAnalysis, EMG Delsys Analysis. Lab: Gel electrophoresis, PCR, Centrifuge, Sonication RESEARCH EXPERIENCE University of Connecticut Material Science Lab Storrs, CT Undergraduate Research September 2015- Present  Synthesizing of different forms of hydroxyapatite and PCL in order to test various properties of materials with varying compositions.  Using the centrifuge to spin down the hydroxyapatite in order to separate out the solvent.  Aiding in various test to determine the mechanical properties of the hydroxyapatite/ PCL compound. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Liberating Technologies Holliston, MA Test Subject July 2015  Participated in various activities and tests with the muscles of the lower arm while the hand and arm were locked in a fixed position done in order to observe how the various muscle of the lower arm work together in order to further the development of myoelectric prosthesis.  Observed the LabView code that was being used and asked questions about howand why various parts of the test were being done in order to gain further knowledge of the program. Engineering Design Projects University of Connecticut Junior Design: Design Project September 2015- December 2015  Worked with a team of four people to develop a device to help manage the symptoms of a patient with rheumatoid arthritis while still maintaining the hand dexterity for holding small objects.  Built a brace splint in SolidWorks that was used to keep the patients hand in place.  Built and tested a prototype of the designed brace for a rheumatoid arthritis patients in order to see how well the brace managed the patient’s symptoms and improved his/hereveryday life.  Gave an oral presentation on the final design to the class and the client as well as wrote a formal report on the design process and final design. LEADERSHIP Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity Spring 2014- Present Scholarship Chair November 2014- November 2015  Collaborated with various organizations on campus including the Center for Career Development in order to get a presentation presented forthe brothers on interviews and job searching. Vice President November 2015- Present  Overseeing and meeting with all the chairs and their committees to ensure they are planning events for the fraternity.  Aiding chairs in planning events for the brothers by making sure they have rooms booked for the events and ensuring that the events are planned in a timely fashion.  Meeting with the executive board weekly to discuss issues in the brotherhood and changes that need to be made as well as implementing those changes.

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