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NACE is back

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - NACE is back

  • 1. EVENTS 38 Fall 2014 Collision QUARTERLY T he 2014 National Autobody Congress and Exposition (NACE) was held in Detroit this year. There had been concerns that the new location might reduce attendance and hamper the overall success of the event. Those fears were not realized. One of the most common statements heard from both exhibitorsandattendeeswas“NACEisback!” There were several factors contributing to the success of the 2014 NACE expo. First, the strategy to partner with several other associationsandeventsbroughtgreatvalueto bothexhibitorsandattendees.Second,great interest was sparked by the rapid changes in vehicledesign,construction,andreparability, most notably the introduction of the 2015 Ford F-150. The week began on the afternoon of Monday,July28,withanopenboardmeeting for the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS). The purpose of the meeting was to update the industry on a variety of topics, including rental day formulas, insurance company commercials, and clearcoat blending. The SCRS represents over 6,000 A new location, new partners, and the introduction of new technologies made the annual exposition a huge success. IsBack! b y K e i t h J o n e s NACE Attitude alone made this year's NACE a success. Photos:KeithJones
  • 2. Collision QUARTERLY Fall 2014 39 collision repair businesses and 58,500 professionalsintheUnitedStates.Since1982, theSCRShasbeenthelargestAmericantrade association solely representing the collision repair industry. Tuesday brought the Collision Industry Conference (CIC). The CIC is the American equivalent of the Canadian Collision Industry Forum(CCIF).Oneofthehighlightsofthisyear’s CIC event was a panel that included several special agents from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security discussing the issue of counterfeitairbags.Thishasbecomequitean issueforourneighbourstothesouth.Homeland Security, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and the collision repair industry are working together to combat this growing threat.Counterfeitairbagscanbedangerous, evenlethal.Theyhavethepotentialtoexplode during a crash and may deploy prematurely. They also may contain harmful chemicals that can be fatal if ingested. This issue is certainly something that we need to be aware of here in Canada; it is something the Automotive RetailersAssociation(ARA)willberesearching. Another highlight was the insurer- repairerrelationscommitteeatCICdiscussing the“rentaldays”issue,specificallythevariety of formulas used by private insurance companies. It all came down to cycle time, something the collision repair industry is striving to improve, on both sides of the border. The next day, Wednesday, was the 2014 I-CAR Conference, which kicked off with the question,“Areyoureadyfor2025?”Thisyear’s featured speakers were from Ford Motor Company, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, “Itprovidedanexcellentopportunityforshopowners,managers,andtechnicianstomeet OEMengineersandlearnabouttechnologiesthatwillsoonbeshowingupintheirshops.” continuted on page 40  On the tradeshow floor, it was one of the busiest NACE expos ever.
  • 3. 40 Fall 2014 Collision QUARTERLY OFFICIAL AUTOMOTIVE PAINT OF STOP by OUr STOrE, Or wE’LL brINg ThE STOrE TO yOU. we’re the only paint manufacturer that is also a full service PbE distributor, so we have everything you need - unmatched product offering, services and expertise to keep you running efficiently and profitably. Either way we’ll deliver. Visit a store, give us a call, learn more or share ideas:800-798-5872 |   © 2014 The Sherwin-Williams CompanyNASCAR® Inc., is a registered trademark of theNational Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc. Steel Market Development Institute, Alcoa, University of Michigan, and Robert Bosch LLC. The key topics covered were as follows: • Ford: CAFE, F-150, Collision Repair Service Strategy • Light Weighting: Carbon Fiber, Advanced Steels, Aluminum • Technology: Reinventing the Automobile • Driver Safety: V2X and Vehicle Data All of the speakers were very insightful, providinginformationonthetechnologythat iscoming—andthetechnologythatisalready here. Along with the conference speakers, a wide range of I-CAR training was delivered, including the very popular 2015 Ford F-150 Structural Repair Training Course. The 2014 NACE Main Exposition opened on Thursday, July 31. As usual, there were a variety of educational opportunities, many focussing on the new aluminum repair methodologies for the 2015 Ford F-150. These sessions drew high attendance numbers, and the quality of the information was great due to the support from Ford and equipment suppliers. “Advancedtechnologies, connectivity,andthe Internetarechanging modernautomobiles.” On the trade show floor, it was one of the busiest NACE expos ever. While the show might have been smaller than NACE ten years ago, the quality of the exhibits and the level of attendee enthusiasm were extremelyhigh.Asexpected,theFordMotor Company exhibit was very busy, showcasing the new 2015 F-150 model and offering reparability information and details about Ford’s National Body Shop Program. Also seeing heavy traffic on the trade show floor werethemanyequipmentsuppliersinvolved in the “aluminum evolution”; these included Car-O-Liner,ChiefAutomotiveTechnologies, 3M, Pro Spot, and Cellete. Amongthemostinterestingattractions werethelivedemosheldatmultiplelocations throughout the expo hall. I-CAR, BASF, Car- O-Liner, 3M, BMW, General Motors, and Honda showcased new products, repair methodologies, and, of course, aluminum repair. One point of interest was the large number of people wearing Alcoa shirts attending I-CAR training, as Alcoa is one of the leading suppliers of aluminum to the automotive industry. Thursday evening saw an industry first, with the Canadian Collision Industry Forum (CCIF) hosted outside Canada. The well- attended event featured North American collision industry expert Vincent Romans givinganoverviewofthestateoftheCanadian and American collision repair and property and casualty industries. Friday was also a jam-packed day, with two major events. First, the Telematics and Technology Forum provided an excellent opportunityforshopowners,managers,and technicianstomeetOEMengineersandlearn abouttechnologiesthatwillsoonbeshowing up in their shops. Automakers and experts continuted from page 39 
  • 4. Collision QUARTERLY Fall 2014 41 A new basecoat line for automotive body shops doing collision work that is designed to provide dependable colour match and a durable OEM quality repair. Classic coat-flash-reflow technology allows application flexibility and promotes excellent metallic control. The Cromax logo and Cromax® MosaicTM are trademarks or registered trademarks of Axalta Coating Systems LLC or its affiliates, used under license by Axalta Coating Systems Canada Company. © 2014 Axalta Coating Systems Canada Company. All rights reserved. AN AXALTA COATING SYSTEMS BRAND For additional information about this new technology please call your preferred Axalta distributor or the Axalta Customer Care Centre at 1-800-668-6945. Introducing... MOSAICTM CROMAX® in vehicle security, telematics technology, and diagnostics and repair discussed how advanced technologies, connectivity, and the Internet are changing modern automobiles. “Investmentfirmsareapparently seeingthecollisionrepairindustry asagoodinvestment!” The second event of the day proved to be one of the best. The CollisionRepairExecutiveSymposium(CRES)broughttogetherahostof collisionindustryexpertstodiscusstopicssuchasmarketingdynamics, capacity utilization, changing vehicle design, and collision repair shop acquisition.Allwereverygood,butthediscussiononacquisitionproved to be the most interesting, ending the symposium on a positive note. The recent collision repair industry acquisitions by global investment firms such as Blackstone, Hellman & Friedman LLC, and Canadian firm OMERSPrivateEquityshowincreasedconfidenceinthecollisionrepair sector. Investment firms are apparently seeing the collision repair industry as a good investment! Astheconferencecametoanend,twothingsstoodout:firstwas the positive attitude displayed by the people of Detroit, who showed pride in their oft-maligned city and in NACE’s comeback; second was the positive attitude of the attendees, their enthusiasm in embracing change, and in keeping up with the rapidly evolving collision repair environment. Attitude alone made this year’s NACE a success. n Great interest was sparked by the rapid changes in vehicle design, construction, and reparability.

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