How much knowledge did you have of Switzerland prior to moving there?I kind of moved there blind! For sure I did some rese...
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Nadine Bank

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. How much knowledge did you have of Switzerland prior to moving there?I kind of moved there blind! For sure I did some research and gathered a little informationbefore moving but I had no real idea of what to expect. One of the most positive thingsabout my move was that it enabled me to combine my knowledge of the French languagewith a job in I.T.; something which I never expected would be possible when I was living inCologne and began my career in the industry.What has been your biggest career achievement to date?By far my proudest achievement is making the move to Switzerland for my current role.It took a great deal of courage for me to leave my friends and family in pursuit of a newchallenge; until this point I had lived in the same city for my entire life.What tips would you give to other people aspiring to a career in I.T.?What is the most challenging aspectof your role?I am motivated by solving problems butunfortunately the nature of my job meanssolutions are not always immediate. Ratherthan becoming frustrated, I try to accept thatsome answers take a little time to come tolight; often a resolution can be reached withperseverance and by looking at the problemfrom a different perspective.What are your future career ambitions?When I began my career I aspired to manageI.T. within an international environment andI have happily accomplished this already.My next immediate goal is for the I.T.department to win Kelly’s Best Service toBranches award in 2014.This is My StoryFirst andforemostwhateverhappens -don’t panic!Remember a support functionand people will turnto you for help whenthings go’ll need to beboth an expertproblem solver anda reassuring ear.Your knowledge andknow-how must evolvein line with advancingtechnology so be readyto learn throughoutyour career.Several heads areoften better than one-pooling your resourcesand brainstorming withyour team can uncoversolutions more quicklythan going it aloneNadine Bank,IT Manager,SwitzerlandHow did you come to work in I.T.?For as long as I can remember I have been interested in all things technical;inheriting this passion from my Dad. He nurtured my interest,buying me my first computer (a Commodore 64!) when I was 6and from then on I spent much of my time at home on computers.I naturally progressed to study I.T. at school and decided prettyquickly I wanted my career to be in this area. After school I got anapprenticeship for a software developer which combined practicaland theoretical studies and gave me the experience I neededto secure my first job in the same company and certainly alsoprepared me for joining Kelly OCG’s user support helpdesk in2008 in Cologne. Three years later I was approached by Kelly’sformer EMEA I.T. Service Manager regarding an opening inSwitzerland for a new I.T. Manager. He was working closely with allHelpdesks in EMEA and knew therefore about my skills. I looked in tothe role and realised my skills were well matched so I applied for the joband 5 interviews later I was in Switzerland!What do you enjoy doingoutside of work?I relax outside of workby doing aquagymnastics andaerobics. Andmy love oflanguagesgoes handin hand witha passionfor travel;I’m currentlylearning tospeak Spanishin preparationfor a trip toPanama. Mybiggest andmost impressivetravel experienceso far was my tripto Japan in 2010.

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