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Buildingcapacity for mediato increase availabilityof informationrelatedto FLEGT for Vie...
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Press release flegt english july 2014

Press release flegt english july 2014
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Press release (translated version) Buildingcapacity for mediato increase availabilityof informationrelatedto FLEGT for Vietnamese bussinesses and related stakeholders On July9, 2014, The CenterforEducationand Development(CED),incooperationwithVietnam Chamber of Commerce andIndustry(VCCI),organizedatrainingworkshopformediarepresentatives aboutFLEGT-VPA in Hanoi. The workshop provided updates on the FLEGT-VPA process and its impacts to timber processing industryinVietnam.The workshopalsosharedresults of a FLEGT-VPA needs assessment from Vietnamese timber processing enterprises in five major hubs of timber processing in Vietnam. Based on this, media representativesdiscussedacommunicationplanfor FLEGT related issues, working out how best to allocate resources.The workshopwasa part of an EU-FAO FLEGT fundedprojectcalled“Capacitybuildingof business associations and media to engage in FLEGT to provide information on FLEGT and related issues”. Vietnam’stimberexportisfacingmajorchallengesinfulfillingthe technical requirements related to legality assurance of timber used in the processing industry under the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) and the FLEGT license procedures during implementation of FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) which Vietnam is currently in negotiations with the EU. While Vietnam and the EU are due to finalize negotiations and sign the VPA in October 2014, many timber processingenterprisesremainunaware of FLEGT-VPA and the ways it will affect their business operations. In April 2014, the project conducted an assessment about current levels of knowledge and understanding and information needs about FLEGT and related issues. During the assessment, 81 interviews were conducted,including63 withVietnamese timberprocessingbusinessesandbusinessassociationsand media representatives.The resultsshowedthatonly57% of enterprisesknow aboutFLEGT-VPA.Amongthose who knowaboutFLEGT-VPA,only 56% know about definition of timber legality for households, individuals and communities.A staggering75%of interviewedenterprisesdonot know about the timber legality assurance system(TLAS) – the core componentof FLEGT-VPA.73% of these enterprises are exporting timber and both indoor and outdoor furniture timber products to the EU. They account for 51% of export market share. Therefore,it is fundamental that knowledge about FLEGT-VPA increases through helping business associations and media representatives to understand the FLEGT-VPA process better, and enable them to develop communication plans for FLEGT-VPA. The project focused on: (i) An assessment of information and trainings needs of timber processing enterprises on FLEGT and related stakeholders (ii) Conducting training workshop for media on FLEGT; (iii) Supporting communication plan on FLEGT issues; (iv) Developing and publishing information packages for businesses; (v) Developing a web application on FLEGT-VPA and related issues for businesses. For more information, please contact:Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong , the project coordinator; Email:, Tel: 04 3562 7494 (105).More information on FLEGT-VPA is available at: ult.aspx?mtid=6&page=category