Be apart of the IPTV Revolution. WE HAVE ARRIVED.
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4) Original Documentaries
5) Great way to communi...
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Press Release (email format)

Email press release created for Internet Protocal Televeision network, UIN. Affilialtes They provide exclusive content, local events, videos etc.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
Published in: News & Politics      

Transcripts - Press Release (email format)

  • 1. Be apart of the IPTV Revolution. WE HAVE ARRIVED. We have lots of exciting news to share! U.I.N has created a unique outlet to share "Truth Media" with the world. Our Vision led us to create a platform for communities to voice & share their local experiences through Internet Television. We are confident that our user friendly Internet Protocol Launch of Subscription Service Television model, will ignite a Internet TV is moving 90 miles an buzz online. U.I.N will hour. TV, Radio, newspapers, and revolutionalize the way we magazines are losing customers and share our information. ad dollars everyday. A 2009 consumer report boasts the Internet generated 1.4 Billion dollars in This is only the beginning. revenue. Do you want to continue to be Regards, spectators? Wouldn't you like The Team at U.I.N to benefit financially from the next (urban information network) level of the Internet? U.I.N has the answer to those U.I.N. Commercial questions. With our exclusive content that encourages cultural fulfillment, and a business model designed to generate residual income. We have the platform of the future. Our journey began in 2003, and is continuing to expand and unfold into what you see today. We have affiliates in over 5 cities, and are consistently growing everyday. Benefits of our Network Include: 1) Updated daily content 2) Local community news available 24 hours a day (unlike public access) 3) A chance to showcase and[9/21/2010 2:18:07 PM]
  • 2. advertise your own events. 4) Original Documentaries 5) Great way to communicate with family members, with a lasting customized video greeting. 6) Create your own TV Network and Feedback is appreciated! content. Click link below to take brief survey. These are a few examples of our total network. For more details Visit our website and local sid=gtixbl9p3a7vtos808391 affiliate!( or email us at Feedback is appreciated! What is Google TV? and how it will affect our platform for the better.[9/21/2010 2:18:07 PM]

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