BMGI Showcases How Businesses should be “Building to Last through Lean Six Sigma”, during the ‘4th Lean Six Sigma Summi...
objectives. Mr Uttam Bose of Hindustan Motors shared that LSS programs are increasingly getting discussedin their board me...
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Press release bmgi cii 4th lean six sigma summit

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press release bmgi cii 4th lean six sigma summit

  • 1. BMGI Showcases How Businesses should be “Building to Last through Lean Six Sigma”, during the ‘4th Lean Six Sigma Summit’ held at New Delhi th thBMGI, India the Knowledge partner for the 4 Lean Six Sigma Summit, New Delhi on 14 March 2013,presented the model for “Building to Last through Lean Six Sigma” with specific emphasis on howorganisations can create alignment in managing present and simultaneously creating the future.The event was organised by Confederation of Indian Industry a non-government, not-for-profit, industry ledand industry managed organisation, playing a proactive role in Indias development process. The event saw abevy of speakers from across industries such as Indus Towers Limited, Max Life Insurance Company Ltd, MarutiAutomotive Centre of Excellence, Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd, Bharti Airtel Ltd, Hindustan Unilever Ltd.Hewlett Packard India, Jubilant Life Sciences, SSA Business Solutions, TBM Consultants, Hindustan Motors,Genpact, Goodyear India, Maersk India, Dell Global Analytics, Jyothy Laboratories Ltd. & from academia like IITDelhi, Amity University and the Institute of Competitiveness amongst others. The Event Chairman, Mr Deepak Muthreja, Principal Consultant & Business Head, BMGI, shared how businesses could create business alignment and at the same time create the future using the Performance Excellence way. He illustrated various performance excellence models and emphasized on high impact models, like Hoshin Planning and JTBD (Value Creation Model). Additionally he shared that Structured Innovation has been a new focus area for businesses who want to tackle the “product/process/business model innovation challenge” for driving the next wave of growth.On establishing excellence framework for organizations to solve problems & transform Business, Mr PankajAggarwal of Indus Towers Limited shared the Cost Competitiveness Approach for improving business marginsby using Lean Six Sigma, while Dr Krishna Kumar of Maruti Automotive Centre of Excellence (former director)highlighted the various quality concepts propagated by quality gurus such as Deming, Juran, Crosby. Hefurther stressed on several principles of quality that organizations can in their quest for long-term sustenanceand growth.On whether organizations are more tool-focused and hence missing the forest from the trees on Lean-SixSigma, Mr S K Sharma of Bharti Airtel shared a service-based approach for improving the services from acustomer’s perspective while Mr Rupesh Agarwal, of Hindustan Unilever, spoke on how HUL through their“Partner to Win” program has been extending the quality and improvement programs to their partners in a bidtowards creating an efficient value chain to best serve their customers.Mr Bill Remy of TBM Consultants showcased the benefits of adopting Lean Product Development vis-a-vistraditional product development methodologies and similarly Mr N C Narayanan of SSA Business Solutionspresented the benefits of Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and stressed on the benefits of organizations setting upDesign Excellence as a next level of quality improvement programs. Mr K Kulbhushan of Jubiliant LifeSciences through an award winning case study on Domino’s Pizza demonstrated how his team has successfullyapplied DFSS in arriving at an optimal Capex – Opex investment model and arrived at an integrated plan forsustaining their growth for the next 10 years considering that their business had a significant 40 % year on yeargrowth. DFSS was used to uncover estimation of future demand & store wise Inventory levels, maximization ofvalue in new product development, identification of central warehouses, store locations & capacity planning,logistics optimization for an optimal supply chain and aligning Sales & Operational Plan among other areas.Supporting Mr Muthreja’s point of creating organizational alignment and a top down approach for drivingquality improvement programs like Lean-Six Sigma, Prof B K Srivastava, Center of Excllence of AmityUniversity shared that improvement initiatives success is multi-fold when they are tied to the business
  • 2. objectives. Mr Uttam Bose of Hindustan Motors shared that LSS programs are increasingly getting discussedin their board meetings as LSS is becoming increasingly important for businesses & operations. Commenting on how Lean Six Sigma creates value and accelerates organizational growth, Ms Subhi Seth of Genpact shared how LSS is embedded into their DNA and at the heart of their transformation capabilities & value driver for their clients. Investments in LSS are categorized under R&D at Genpact and have resulted in over 50 % improvements in their revenues over last 3 years.Mr Pratyaya Chakrabarti of Jyothy Laboratories endorsed Mr Rupesh Agrawal’s view of the importance oforganisations to extensively start looking at including partners in their LSS initiative. He illustrated how hiscompany was able to value engineer Maxo – their liquid vaporizer by involving their supply chain partners toarrive at a superior product and enhancing customer experiences with practically no increase in product cost.Mr Nitin Bankar of Maersk India mentioned on how his team had been able to leverage technology forcreating an internal Operational Performance Planning and Review framework which has helped them toprovide a one view of Operational Excellence project improvements. Similarly Mr Santosh Kumar Pandey ofDell Global Analytics, through an interesting presentation shared how Dell has been successful in deployingLean Six Sigma internally as well as extending it to their ecosystem. With a case study, he explained how Dellcreated a collaborative business strategy to manage quality in supply chain.The event was well received and witnessed interesting thoughts from excellence practitioners from variousindustries, thought leaders from academia and social institutions.To view the recorded webcast, please click below link: About BMGI Breakthrough Management Group International (BMGI), global consulting firms with a strong focus on delivering results, partners with organizations in various stages of their business life cycle to transform their business performance. BMGI is recognized as the world leader in harnessing the power of cutting edge techniques in the area of Innovation, Strategy, Problem Solving and Business Transformation for achieving tangible business results. BMGI enables businesses drive growth and improve profitability. Headquartered in the US, BMGI has offices in 13 countries around the globe. BMGI has delivered cumulative benefits to its clients worth several billion dollars with an ROI of 5:1 to 20:1.Contact detailsKrishna K,Breakthrough Management Group International (BMGI),+91 (22) 4002 0045, +91, www.bmgindia.comKEYWORDS: CONSUMER, PEOPLE, MARKETING, AUTOMOTIVE, BUSINESS SERVICES, EDUCATION, HEAVY INDUSTRIES, OIL & GAS, TELECOM, IT,GROUPS, TECHNOLOGY, BMGI,INDIA, ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE, PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE, OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE, SUPPLY CHAIN,SALES & MARKETING, SCORECARDS, BALANCED SCORE CARD, NETWORK DESIGN

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