Pearl River, Louisiana
Addition and Renovation
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. PEARL RIVER HIGH SCHOOL Pearl River, Louisiana Addition and Renovation CAMPUS RENDERING, SUN PATH DIAGRAMS MALL ELEVATION & SKETCHWEST ENTRY SKETCH MALL INTERIOR MALL EXTERIOR, NORTH VIEW INTERIOR VIEW 8 AM 10 AM 2 PM 4 PMInspired by the original 1966 Classroom Building’s response to site orientation, solar paths, fenestrations and architectural detailing, the 66,000 sf addition and renovation of the existing campus incorporated the original elements but responded to them in a different manner to create a unique user experience. The project includes the renovation of Classroom Building’s 100 (10,882 sf) and 200 (15,251 sf), including new lighting, data, power, paint, ceiling and flooring; the renovation of the Library (4,270 sf) and Building 100 Arts (5,251 sf), including the removal of all exterior and interior walls; the renovation of the Gym support areas (6,732 sf), including removal of interior walls to create new spaces; the renovation of the Cafeteria and Band Building (14,466 sf), including a new expanded kitchen; and a new Mall area (11,072 sf) and entrance that connects six of the existing Buildings creating a mixed-use circulation space. The project shall be completed while the school is occupied so it will be phased to work around the students and administration. The main program requirements requested by the Owner are that the main Classroom buildings are renovated and the administration area is consolidated, the character of the campus is updated, and a new entrance is created. The existing Classroom Buildings 100 and 200 were originally built in 1966 and 1972 respectively, and contain multiple additions and renovations through their history. The current renovation removes the Administration area from Building 100 and creates new classrooms in the space vacated. Both buildings receive new power, data, and HVAC, as well as updated interior spaces that include new flooring, suspended ceilings, code compliant restrooms, interior painting, doors and hardware, and a sprinkler system. Although the 1966 Classroom building had been modified after a fire destroyed the interior, we reviewed the original plans and found that the exterior of the building created shading on the exterior wall while allowing views from the interior. These concepts were incorporated into the exterior veneer and fenestrations to create a skin that changes through the day due to the paths of the sun, while also remaining conscience of energy consumption with the large east and west exposures. The interior of the buildings and mall also benefit from the exterior treat- ments in different ways. The Mall area allows the students to view out the windows but creates unique patterns on the floor and walls during the day due to the changing shadows and lighting introduced from the building fenestrations, while the Administration area has protected views for the offices and the Media Center has raised windows for the stacks. The entrance was one of the last elements designed. After a few renditions were dismissed by the design team and owner, we started again with reviewing each of the designs for the surrounding facades and formulated an entrance that reflects the overall design efforts while providing the school with an entrance that provides a prom- inent element for visitors and users of the campus. FLOOR PLAN Not to Scale EXTERIOR SOUTH ELEVATION DETAIL MAIN ENTRANCEADMINISTRATION MEDIA CENTER WEST ELEVATION AT MAIN ENTRANCE

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