FOR RELEASE ON 1 DECEMBER 2011  Education scholarships transform young lives  New Delhi, 1 December 2011Governments, do...
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Press Release 1 Dec 2011

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1.  FOR RELEASE ON 1 DECEMBER 2011  Education scholarships transform young lives  New Delhi, 1 December 2011Governments, donors, parents, teachers and schools must invest more in the education ofchildren in India, say the Kusuma Trust UK (the Trust) and the London School of Economics(LSE).The Trust and LSE jointly hosted a seminar on 1 December 2001 at the India Habitat Centre inNew Delhi to discuss key developments and challenges in secondary education in India, with afocus on the role and impact of scholarships on education outcomes.At the seminar the findings of an evaluation of the impact of Kusuma scholarships over the lastthree years and the experiences of three other major scholarship funders in India werediscussed.“Education has the power to transform lives and every child should have the opportunity togrow and develop as an active and productive citizen. Children have one chance of a decenteducation. Scholarships facilitate and increase access to education and employmentopportunities for young people from the most economically disadvantaged backgrounds,enabling them to realise their potential and break the inter-generational cycle of poverty” saidDr Balwant Singh, CEO of Kusuma Trust UK.The findings of the evaluation show that scholarship recipients perform better in examinations,have a better understanding about job prospects and are more likely to progress to highereducation.Dr Sandra Sequeira from the London School of Economics who led the research stated that“scholarship recipients exert more effort on learning, have a more accurate perceived return oftheir higher education in terms of expected salaries being higher than non-recipients ofscholarships, and are better networked with their peers and other scholarship recipients”. Shealso added that those who belong to social networks of scholarship recipients perform betterthan others who are not part of their networks.Since 2008, the Trust has funded 1910 scholarships through local partners in Andhra Pradesh,Orissa and Uttarakhand.For further information, please contact:UK – Julian Beckedahl at T: +44 (0)20 7569 1920 or Email: julian.beckedahl@kusumatrust.orgIndia - Udita Das at T: +91-(0)11 4107 7026 or Email: Trust UK is a UK-based philanthropic trust founded by Anurag Dikshit and Dr Soma Pujari,and it supports interventions, innovations, research, training and advocacy to improve education andemployment outcomes for young people in secondary and tertiary education. For more information,visit

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