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Presention of some of our exclusive items!!

1. Pair of antique "Moro of Venice " dated 1700 2. Moro of Venice - dated 1700 3.Cod.CAP001 Pair of Roman stone capitals with angel, very rare 4. Cod.OGV004 Base of Roman columns Marble 5.Cod.POZ049 Antique Well 6.Cod.FIN002 Antique window frame Marble, 1700 7.Cod.LAV061 ANTIQUE MARBLE FOUNTAIN DATED 1700 8.Cod.OGV006 TERRACOTTA PAIR OF LIONS 9.Cod.VAS014 PAIR OF VASES MEDICEI 1700 10.Cod.OGV282 ORIGINAL ANTIQUE COAT OF ARMS IN STONE DATED 1607 11.PAIR OF LANTERNS DATED 1700 FROM VENICE, GOLD ON WOOD 12.STONE TABLE WITH STONE BENCH 13.CAM001 ANTIQUE STONE FIREPLACE 14.CAM168 ANTIQUE STONE FIREPLACE 15.CAM271 ANTIQUE FIREPLACE MANTEL WITH BEAUTIFULL DECORATIONS 16.CAM282 ANTIQUE STONE FIREPLACE 17.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Presention of some of our exclusive items!!

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