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Names To Know

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. dick&schrockphoto:d.gilbert.merrillphoto:andrevippolis.paquettephoto:belathee.wintersphoto:wernerstraube.kwongphoto:bessfriday. NEW GUARD LUXE PRESENTS THE TALENTED FRESH DESIGNERS WHO ARE COMMANDING OUR ATTENTION. WRITTEN AND PRODUCED BY LACY MORRIS ⊳ DAVID JOHN DICK KRISTA SCHROCK Los Angeles | discinteriors.com WHY WE LOVE THEM: This design duo conceives spaces that reflect their SoCal surroundings—calm, refined and textured. Each space has a clear point of view, utilizing the natural materials and of-the-earth color palettes they’ve become known for. In their words: “Always looking to nature as inspiration, we fantasize about designing an inn in Big Sur high on a cliff with views of the treetops and the ocean. We love the idea of creating interiors that age well over time, and that are united with nature.”CATHERINE KWONG San Francisco | catherinekwong.com WHY WE LOVE HER: Recognized for her use of strong graphic elements and a rich color palette, Catherine Kwong’s interiors are elegant, tailored and, though modern and glamorous, still distinctly livable. In her words: “My biggest design complaint is when there are too many statement pieces crowded into one space; it starts to dilute the effect. It’s all about layering in the elements to speak to each other in a cohesive way so that the interiors maintain a sense of balance.” ▲ BRIAN PAQUETTE Seattle | brianpaquetteinteriors.com WHY WE LOVE HIM: Embracing all things outdoors, Brian Paquette’s aesthetic encompasses what the Pacific Northwest is all about: a sense of adventure. His designs utilize lots of layering, clean lines and a thoughtful use of organic color. In his words: “I am constantly inspired by the work of others in the industry, whether that be interior designers, furniture and lighting designers, textile makers, artists, ceramicists or photographers. I am only as good as the people I surround myself with and there is some really thoughtful and next-level work being done here in Seattle.” ▲ FRANCES MERRILL Los Angeles | reathdesign.com WHY WE LOVE HER: Frances Merrill’s designs are a study in sophistication without being too stuffy. Her interiors are marked with a bit of East Coast prep blended seamlessly with a laid-back California vibe, all characterized with layered textures and lively color. In her words: “My dream project would be to renovate the Topanga Ranch Motel. It is a cottage-style building built in the 1920s to house the road workers expanding the Pacific Coast Highway. It operated as a motel until the state bought it in 2001 and has been empty ever since. I would love to restore it into a 1930s/’40s California-style home, like a location from a Raymond Chandler novel.” MEGAN WINTERS ⊲ Chicago | meganwinters.com WHY WE LOVE HER: Grounded in an element of high style, Megan Winters layers bold color palettes with elegant yet glamorous and edgy furnishings. Her fearless compositions are often characterized by whimsical nods and a flawless mix of vintage and modern. In her words: “The best advice I have ever received is to live life to the fullest, work hard, follow your passion and always, without exception and regardless of cost, do the right thing. In business and life there are absolutes in integrity. Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.” RADAR / NAMES TO KNOW
  • 2. hessphoto:lincolnbarbour.melephoto:timothykolk.brownphoto:triagiovan.andersonphoto:marcohessphoto:lincolnbarbour.melephoto:timothykolk.brownphoto:triagiovan.anderson photo:marcoricca.contrerasphoto:maxburkhalter. RADAR / NAMES TO KNOW PALOMA CONTRERAS ⊲ Houston | palomacontreras.com WHY WE LOVE HER: Keeping with tradition, Paloma Contreras seeks out classic silhouettes and timeless pieces, mixing them in a modern arrangement. Though polished and refined, expect pops of color with a bit of glam. In her words: “I would love to design a winery or residence in Napa Valley—one of my favorite places in the world. It embodies effortless, chic American style; laid-back but sophisticated, pared down yet completely luxurious. There’s a great balance of the two worlds unlike anything I have experienced anywhere else.” ⊳ CALEB ANDERSON New York | calebandersondesign.com WHY WE LOVE HIM: One to take risks, Caleb Anderson’s creations are eclectic and curious yet polished, and often his spaces have an element of surprise or a moment of the avant-garde. In his words: “I would love to restore a large historic house with solid bones and interesting architecture. I would curate the rooms with antiques and modern elements and create a magnificent garden. I am fascinated not just for these homes’ architectural characteristics, but also for the intrigue of their history.” ⊳ ANDEE HESS Portland | osmosedesign.com WHY WE LOVE HER: From sleek, minimal and modern to rustic and relaxed with lots of natural woods, Andee Hess’ designs are hard to pin down. This varied aesthetic is something she equates to design being like storytelling, and that not everyone’s stories are the same. In her words: “I like to take on projects that pose new challenges; there is always so much to investigate and discover. However, residential work is always fascinating to me, as I’m entering someone else’s world and, with that, all of their expectations.” ⊳ ANDREW BROWN Birmingham | andrewbrowninteriors.com WHY WE LOVE HIM: Andrew Brown creates spaces that have history and that feel well-traveled and collected with texture and depth. With a lean toward clean lines in a classic, high-contrast color palette, expect a seamless interweaving of styles and eras in his designs—old and new, masculine and feminine, simple and ornate. In his words: “I’m very curious by nature and am always intrigued by the history behind things. I travel a lot, which keeps my eyes open to new possibilities. In design, I try to look at everything in a different way—my mind is always thinking in terms of how to reinterpret the objects that I see that inspire me.” PATRICK MELE New York | patrickmele.com WHY WE LOVE HIM: Patrick Mele’s bold use of graphic color and prints has earned him an avid following. Both relaxed and refined, his rooms feel as if they could have always been there, loved and lived-in. In his words: “Whether it’s during trips abroad, through books or articles I read or from those that have come before me, there are individuals whose talent, curiosity and contribution astound me. This is what drives me forward.”

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