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Narrative Theory Comparison Table

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Narrative Theory Comparison Table

  • 1. Narrative Theory Comparison Table Video & About Tsvetan Todorov Vladimir Propp Claude Levi Roland Barthes Director StraussArtist This video is about Trey Songz Equilibrium – Trey Songz is living Villain – The Other Girl The Binary Opposites in My interpretation of thisTrey Songz – staying at a hotel with his the perfect life whereby he has a he’s having an affair this video are as film is that Trey Songz isLast Time girlfriend but not actually girlfriend by day and another girl with because she follows: faced with reality when he wanting to because he’s by night. He does however, know wants him to continue has to stay at a particularGenre having affair with the girl that that it’s not right yet tries to keep going behind his Good/Bad – The hotel with his girlfriend.R’n’B works there. Throughout the the secret from his girlfriend girlfriends back. girlfriend is the loyal Trey Songz does not want video we see him with his whilst being fair to the other girl. one whereas Trey Songz to stay there whereas hisDirector girlfriend and another girl Princess – In some is trustworthy yet tries girlfriend who is unfamiliarN/A which shows that he really Disequilibrium – When his way his girlfriend is to resolve the issue by thinks it s fine because it’s doesn’t know what he wants girlfriend picks up on the girls the princess because letting the girl know a hotspot. Whilst being despite knowing what is right. attitude whilst their together and she needs protection that it’s over and the with one girl, he’s thinking The title of the song does eventually finds out that he is from this girl who last time. about another (and visa however let us know that this cheating on her by following him wants to take her versa) but deep down he is the ‘last time’ in which he to another hotel room. boyfriend. Girl/Boy – The girl knows this has to stop. This will have an affair. wants the boy but the is so that he doesn’t hurt Resolution/New Equilibrium – The Hero – Trey Songz boy wants to break up his girlfriend. Trey Songz goes to the girl that he who stops having an what they have because is having a affair with one last affair it’s too risky as he has a Another interpretation of time to let her know that it’s over girlfriend. this music video would be but on his departure is met with I found that the that Trey Songz is living his girlfriend who is deeply upset. characters didn’t fit Happy/Sad – The two different lives and exactly into Propp’s girlfriend is happy with leading on two different character roles. Trey Songz whereas the girls which is not fair other girl is because one will get hurt. disheartened because He also deserves what he has a girlfriend and happens to him because cannot have that honest he’s cheated and lied.
  • 2. relationship with one another.Artist Michael Jackson is shown This video changes throughout to Villain – The Werecat The Binary Opposites in My interpretation of this driving into the forest with a portray both equilibrium and and Michael Jackson in this video are as film is that Michael JacksonMichael young girl who seems to be his disequilibrium at numerous parts the form of a zombie follows: is shown in different statesJackson - date. During his time in the in the video, I identified that it portraying him to beThriller forest, he begins to express doesn’t fit into Todorov’s theory Hero – Michael Girl/Boy – The girl positive and negative. that he is different compared much like others do. Jackson in human appears innocent and Whilst trying to be aGenre to other guys. Before long, he form scared. Whereas the normal guy who wants toFunk/Disco transforms into a werecat and Equilibrium – Michael Jackson is boy is shown to be be accepted he tries to attack the girl. We then shown with a young girl driving Princess – His Date brave. uncontrollably changesDirector come to realise, that it was into the forest. They appear to be (The Young Girl) into a werecat when thereJohn Landis actually a scene from the film getting along really well and Bad/Good – The is a full moon which is what ‘Thriller’ that Michael and his enjoying each other’s company. In this music video, werecat and the makes him different. date are watching in the Michael is also shown asking the there are only three zombies are bad and cinema. After leaving the young girl out and giving a ring to characters that have Michael Jackson and his Action – Michael Jackson cinema the two are shown make their relationship official. been used in date are good. and his date are being walking down a foggy road accordance to Propp’s captured by the zombies, which ends up to be an actual Disequilibrium – We are theory. Weak/Strong – The girl the girl running away out of thriller when the two become immediately faced with the is portrayed as the weak terror and having to be surround by zombies. disruption of the video whereby character who screams saved. However, Michael Jackson Michael says he’s not like other a lot and Michael becomes one of them and is guys and is different. As a full Jackson is portrayed as Enigma – The scenes shown performing the famous moon appears Michael the strong character cutting from a scene in the ‘thriller’ dance. This is followed transforms into a werecat who that isn’t afraid. film to a modern day movie by all of the zombies hunting attacks the young girl. theatre to a house that the young girl down after she makes everything into a makes her escape. When she is Resolution/New Equilibrium – dream. finally captured and When we realise that it is actually surrounded by all of them, a film that is being watched in a Symbolic & Semic - There Michael Jackson reverts into cinema, and the two people that are numerous human form and we come to were in the film are shown as connotations and understand that it was all a normal young people on a date. denotation in this music dream. video.
  • 3. Disequilibrium – The two become surrounded by zombies after Cultural – The audience can passing the cemetery. Whilst recognise the movie under attack, there is another theatre, Michael Jackson disruption which is Michael and his date because it Jackson turning into a zombie. takes place in the lives of young people and couples. Resolution/New Equilibrium – Michael Jackson saves the young girl and takes her home.Artist My interpretation of this This video draws away from Equilibrium – Carly notices this Hero – Carly because The Binary Opposites in music video is that Carly isCarly Rae your classic and typical boy guy from her window, who she she is seeking this video are as your typical young girl whoJepsen - Call meets girl story. It is about instantly takes interest in and something which is follows: likes the guy next door. SheMe Maybe Carly who develops a crush on tries to get his attention. the guy to take doesn’t know much about her neighbour who she first interest in her. Girl/Boy – The girl is him but immediately thinks sees mowing his lawn. As she Disequilibrium – Whilst trying to interested in the boy she will have a chance.Genre peers through her bedroom get his attention, she Princess – The buy the boy isn’t However, her intentionsPop window she seems him embarrassingly drops off the car. neighbour who she is because he is don’t go to plan because mowing the lawn and cannot interested in. homosexual. he is interested in someoneDirector get enough. As a result, she Resolution /New Equilibrium- else and doesn’t even likeBen Knechtel tries to get his attention in a Carly discovers him helping her Helper – The members Outside/Inside – Inside girls. number of ways such as and to her advantage, performs from her band who Carly has a big crush on washing the car outside her to him and attempts to give him encourages her to the guy and is shown Another interpretation house, where he is also. her number. However, she finds wash the car which in lusting over him. would be that she is subtly Unfortunately, she drops off out he is homosexual when he turn will make him Outside the guy is stalking him which is the car whilst posing in various gives his number to the guy in her notice her. getting on with mowing emphasised through her sexual ways on her car, to band. the lawn and is spying on him and hiding clean it. Nonetheless, she completely unaware of when he looks, in order to eventually grabs his attention Carly liking him. not get caught out. when he helps her and performs to him in her rock Enigma – The whole band. Eventually, when she storyline acts as a enigma thinks everything’s going well because it provides the she writes down her number audience with a number of yet, finds him showing interest things to think about
  • 4. elsewhere when he gives his throughout to eventually number to one of her band twist the whole storyline members. when we find out the neighbour is homosexual.Artist This video begins with the Equilibrium – The young male Hero – The Young Guy The Binary Opposites in My interpretation of this present day and flashbacks on living a decent life and making a who is still trying to this video are as video is that it simply2pac – Ghetto to what happened previously. living for himself in the best way figure out life and the follows: portrays life as a youngGospel During this video, we see a life he’s able to. Life is also good right route to go male on the streets, trying of a young man who is a because he has friends and family down. Good/Bad – The guy is to make money for hisGenre father, has a girlfriend and a (girlfriend, son and mother) portrayed to be good in family. It also portrays theHip-Hop loving mother. However, he is around him. The Villain – The Guy terms of trying to make negative side to this type of on the streets trying to make a who shoots him money to provide for lifestyle which is death.Director living with his friends which is Disequilibrium – When the young his family. But the One symbolic element toN/A what is dominantly portrayed. male is shot by a car driving by. The Helper – The love person who shoots him this film is the church One night he is shown alone from his family is bad because he end which is reference to God eating outside a food place Resolution – The message to find his life. in which the young male and is unfortunately shot by a God before it’s too late and end should turn to. This could drive by car. This brings upon the war in the streets before Happy/Sad – The mum be the message that is much heartache for his mum everyone dies. is shown to be happy trying to be showcased. who is deeply saddened and when sitting at the table distraught by his death. At the at home, looking at her Another interpretation of end of the video, the mother is son. By the end of the this music video could be shown outside the church on video, she is deeply the reality of death which her son’s funeral day and spots saddened by his death. everyone thinks deeply him across the road – where about at the beginning of he would normally sell drugs Inside/Outside – Inside the film as they circle the and make his money. This he seems to be this young man. It also however is all a figure of her loving person for his highlights topics such as imagination on what she family who is genuine. poverty, crime and drug would like but can no longer Outside he is portrayed addiction. have because he is dead. as a thug selling drugs.

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