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Nassry Banbek: Artist and Student at Abraham Lincoln University School of Law

Nassry Banbek Is An Artist And Student At The Abraham Lincoln Law School But The Favourite Part Of The Studying The Law Has Been Getting To Read Various Cases And Mostly He Was Reading The Torts Cases.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Nassry Banbek: Artist and Student at Abraham Lincoln University School of Law

  • 1. LAWCROSSING THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF LEGAL JOBS ON EARTHSTUDENT PROFILE 1. 800.973.1177 Nassry Banbek: Artist and Student at Abraham Lincoln University School of Law [By Heather Jung] Nassry Banbek, who just completed his first year at Abraham Lincoln University School of Law, had an unusual start in his law career. Prior to attending law school, he earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in art. After realizing that art was not necessarily the best way to attain his goal of helping others, he decided to pursue a law degree.“A major component of my artwork has Angeles-based Abraham Lincoln University for a show, and I flew out, and I was stillalways been based in legal questions and because of the convenient class schedule. in class. The class was broadcast over theissues, mostly about issues of copyright, Internet,” said Banbek.public and private image, defamation,negligence orders,” Banbek said. “So part When he isn’t studying or working, Banbekof that brought me, and there were certain likes to keep up with his artwork. Thethings I wanted to do in my life that I knew summer before starting graduate school,as an artist I couldn’t do, [such as helping] he went to Paris to open his own art gallery,people out.” which he said was an unsuccessful venture, since he was not aware of the city’s rulesAccording to Banbek, his favorite part of “There was no way that I could go to school and regulations. Now he displays his workstudying the law has been getting to read as a regular student during the day and in public galleries, open galleries, and smallvarious cases. be in law school; I had to have a full-time galleries around Los Angeles, such as the job. The classes set up through them are Market Gallery. While he does traditional“The cases that you have to read are so much at night, and they’re archived, so it doesn’t artwork such as painting, much of his work isbetter than TV shows. It’s really funny. About matter where my job takes me or my theory and concept based.a year ago, nine months ago, Dick Cheney artwork takes me. I had to go to New Yorkshot his friend; I thought that was funny. I am For one of his first projects, Banbekin Torts now and reading torts cases; I read, Q. What do you do for fun? copyrighted his soul. That copyright haslike, five cases where someone shot another A. I call around to my friends to see who is since lapsed, but he is now working onhunter, a fellow hunter. I am thinking, ‘God, having a gallery opening, so I go there. Or another project which involves printingthis is hilarious.’ This actually does happen when I’m not studying, which is not much, I postcards with contracts on them that allowmore commonly than you think. Some of the go and see live bands. people to sell their souls to his soul.cases, they are funny. And the other thing is Q. What CD is in your CD player right now?that it’s real; there is nothing fake about it. ON THE NET A. Kings of Leon.As an artist, there are very few things you doother than the physical artwork that’s real,” Q. What is the last magazine you read? Abraham Lincoln University School of Lawhe said. A. Something to do with climbing; I climb—avidly.When Banbek was looking at law schools, The Market Art Gallery Q. What is your favorite TV show?flexibility was a major issue. Because he A. The only show I watch is Heroes.had to pay back student loans from both hisundergraduate and graduate studies, he had Q. Who is your role model? Los Angeles Art Galleriesto work a full-time job, leaving only evenings A. Many. I’ve got a lot of everything. for school. He chose the Los htmPAGE

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