Presenting with Prezi<br />What it is<br />A presentation tool<br />Why:<br />Share idea<br />Showcase work<br />Persuade ...
Presenting with Prezi Transcript
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Presenting with Prezi Transcript

Presenting with Prezi
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Presenting with Prezi<br />What it is<br />A presentation tool<br />Why:<br />Share idea<br />Showcase work<br />Persuade an audience<br />How? Present your ideas on a large canvas<br />Easily place ideas <br />Images and videos to tell your story<br />Zoom in to emphasize a detail. <br />Step by step: <br />1. Sign in and create an account.<br />2. Double click anywhere to write<br />3. Zoom in to develop your idea<br />4. Use the zebra to structure or size<br />5. Insert images using the insert menu<br />6. Create a storyline using paths<br />7. Click ‘show’ to present<br />Need-to-Know about Prezi<br />1. The Free accounts are always public<br />2. You are eligible for an EDU Enjoy account<br />Create prezi’s online, present offline, make content private, use your logo instead of prezi’s<br />Avoiding the Pitfalls<br />1. Panning is good, excessive panning is not!<br />2. Group items together to avoid dizziness<br />3. Do not use a ton of text- Prezi should direct the presentation, not BE the presentation<br />Creative Ways to Use Prezi<br />1. Don’t use a path, and let your discussion guide your presentation- click on objects to zoom in to them<br />2. Share your Prezi by embedding it in a Web site or Blog.<br />3. Zoom out in between subtopics as subtopics can serve as a table of contents.<br />4. Zoom into TINY details to create surprise<br />5. Use scale to show relationships<br />6. Bullets help with large bodies of text<br />7. Create timelines on prezi and zoom into it<br />8. Creatively build in images with text on top<br />9. Include complex diagrams that you can use to highlight details<br />10. do a large zoom out at the end that people weren’t expecting!<br />

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