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Here, I have made a brainstormof possiblenames that I am choosingfor when I create my magazi...
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Name brainsorm and name analysis

Here, i have chose a range of possible names that i will be using for my music magazine, i have said why i have chose them names and what are my possibly choices.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Name brainsorm and name analysis

  • 1. Name brainstorm Name analysis Here, I have made a brainstormof possiblenames that I am choosingfor when I create my magazine. I researched existingnames for magazines to get an idea of what they’re like,what are most popular and what would suitmy genre of music magazinemost. Future- Ithinkthisisfreshand trendywithinthe audienceIhave aimedmymagazine at.It isnew and original and representsthe youngergenerationandreflectsthe future. Bella- Bellameansbeautiful inItaly,Ithinkthisissuitable foranaudience of teenagegirlsasitshowsconfidence within the magazine,italsowill attractedgirlsandpossiblyboystoreadingitasit iseye catchingand has a meaningbehindit. Inside- inside isalsofreshintoday’smagazineindustry,the mastheadportrayswhat’sinside the magazineandshows the audience thatitis up to date withthe latestmusic. Only- onlyisa shortand snappymasthead,ii thinkthisismosteffective asitwill standoutmostas it issmall itwon’t take up a lot of the magazine. Now!- Ithinkthe use of an explanationmarkdrawsthe readerinstantlytothe magazine asit standsout. Unique- Ithinkthisiseffectiveasitshowsoriginalityinthe magazine itself. Real- Ithinkreal is effective aswhenpeople are lookingformagazinestheylookforwhatitcontainsinside,real shows true information. Forever- Ithinkthisiseffectiveasitfitsinwiththe youngand oldgenerationof today’ssociety,itshowsitisaimedatall agesand howthe musicindustryisanongoingthing. Eva- I thinkthisiseffective foramastheadas itis shortand simply,itdoesn’ttake awaythe attentionfromthe main focusof the magazine butitis easilyidentifiedaswell.Itiseffectiveasitwill be noticedstraightaway Aria- Ariais alsoeffective asitfitsinwiththe targetaudience of girls,italsoreflectsthe popmusicindustrywhichmy magazine isbasedon. I thinkthe use of one letterbeingincolourediseffectiveasitis a goodcolour contrast,itwill be easilyidentifiedandis unique toothermagazines.Ialsowouldhave mymastheadisa large boldfontso itis identifiedeasilyandthe viewers won’thave to waste time tryingtofindwhatmagazine they’re lookingfor.