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Native American
Study Guide
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Hopi Tribe
 This tribe lived in the _____________ region of the United States.
What is now _____________.
 The Hopi live...
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Native americans study guide

hi this is the native americans study guide
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Name _______________________________________________ Date ________________________ Native American Study Guide Key Vocabulary  A _____________ is an area with similar features.  An _____________ is the way people use their resources to meet their needs.  When people _____________, they adjust to new situations. This was something Native Americans had to do in order to survive.  _____________ are people that move frequently from place to place. Inuit Tribe  Lived in the arctic: _______________________________________.  Their houses were called _____________ and were made of ice!  They used _____________ and _____________ to hunt. A kayak is a __________________________ made of animal skin.  Some of their _____________ were animal bone, animal skins, and oil. Kwakiutl Tribe  Lived in the __________________________ of North America.  They made their villages along the coast. These people made their homes from cedar plank and used bark for the roofs..  The area where they lived had lots of _____________. There were forests and rivers with lots of _____________ and _____________. Nez Perce  The Nez Perce lived to the northwest on the Columbian Plateau. This included parts of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, also known as Oregon Country.
  • 2. Hopi Tribe  This tribe lived in the _____________ region of the United States. What is now _____________.  The Hopi lived in an area that was very hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  They grew _____________, _____________, _____________, and _____________.  Also known as the _____________ people. In fact, their houses were called Pueblos, too! Seminole Tribe  The Seminoles lived in _____________. Although they started in northern Florida, they were forced to retreat to the _____________ when they were attacked.  _____________ were the names of the houses the Seminoles lived in.  This tribe _____________ and _____________. The women planted corn, beans, and squash. The men hunted wild animals like deer, turkeys, and even alligators! Pawnee Tribe  The Pawnee tribe lived in what is now _____________ and _____________.  This tribe settled near _____________. These rivers would provide food, water, and resources.  Lived in lodges made from wooden frames and packed soil. They also lived in _____________ when they went hunting buffalo.