Integrating Data from NASA Missions into NOAA's
Pacific Region Integrated Climatology Information Products (PRICIP)
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Integrating Data from NASA Missions into NOAA's Pacific Region Integrated Climatology Information Products (PRICIP) PROJECT GOALS - Integrate weather data acquired by NASA missions into tropical storm event geovisualizations (i.e. animations that correlate to a ground reference) - Animate annual tropical storm tracks for 1992, 2002, 2004, 2005 - Animate anomalous high water events near Hawaii - Develop an easy-to-use interface to accommodate multiple data layers for each storm event AREA OF INTEREST All storm events animated for the PRICIP Project occurred within the Pacific Ocean basin, at times incorporating localized views for the Cook and Hawaiian Islands. SIGNIFICANCE Contribute geovisualizations to NOAA’s ongoing PRICIP project, an interactive decision support tool intended to reduce coastal vulnerability. VALUE & BENEFITS • Illustrate ability of NASA mission data products to highlight severe oceanic storm variables • Supply geovisualizations for NOAA’s PRICIP Web Portal • Provide easily downloaded data for future research • Improve the decision support tools used by decision makers PRODUCTS Interactive Geovisualizations & Animated Annual Storm Tracks... METHODOLOGY GEOVISUALIZATION PRODUCTS • Sea Surface Wind Direction • Sea Surface Wind Speed • Precipitation Accumulation • Sea Surface Temperature • Mean Sea Level Anomaly • Composite: Wind Speed & Precipitation Accumulation • Animated Annual Storm Tracks NASA MISSION SELECTION QuikSCAT (SeaWinds) TRMM (TMI) Jason-1 & TOPEX/POSEIDON Aqua (AMSR-E) STORM EVENTS • Super Typhoon Pongsona • Cyclone Heta • Typhoon Chata’an • Hurricane Iniki • “Cook Islands Five” • High Water Events STORM VARIABLES • Strong Winds • Heavy Rains • High Seas • Sea Temperatures DATA DELIVERABLES Downloadable Data GIS Ready SATELLITE DATA GIS Processing FINAL GIS IMAGE FINAL GIS DATA PARTNER Science Adviser: John Marra, PhD, - NOAA IDEA Center DEVELOP PRICIP team at NASA JPL Lisa Benham - San Jose State University W. Kyle Chester - University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Art Eisberg - University of California, Santa Barbara Krista Lee - University of California, Santa Barbara Supriya Iyer - Leland High School, San Jose Team: Cindy Schmidt - San Jose State University J.W. Skiles, PhD - NASA Ames Research Center Mentors:

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