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Preview of “Sadili Oval News- Malezi Top National Secondary School Games!!”

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Preview of “Sadili Oval News- Malezi Top National Secondary School Games!!”

  • 1. Find  out  the  latest  stories  about  Sadili  Oval  Sports  Academy! Home About  Us Support Contact  Us tennis Sports  News basketball rugby soccer Tuesday,  August  14,  2012 Malezi  Top  National  Secondary  School  Games!! Yasin  Lila  once  again dominated  in  the  national leaving  an  undefeated  mark for  Malezi  School  this  year. The  finals  that  were  held yesterday  in  Mombasa  ended in  a  short  but  furious  defeat  of Emmanuel  Orwa  from  Rift Valley.  Yasin  who  was representing  Nairobi  province met  fellow  teammate  Henry Ayesiga  in  the  semifinals after  what  he  describes  as a  disappointing  loss  for  him  in the  group  category  to Emmanuel  Orwa  (4-­1).  His loss  meant  that  would  have  to  battle  it  out  with  Yasin  in  the  Semi-­finals  rather  than  the finals.  Henry  came  in  an  honorable  3rd.  But  all  is  not  lost  as  Nairobi  (and  Malezi  School) maintains  its  name  as  the  defending  champions  for  almost  a  decade  until  next  year. There  was  no  love  lost  between  both  competitors  having  played  against  each  other  the year  before.  Malezi  boys  remains  undefeated  for  the  9th  year  running,  as  Jamin Luvembe  partnered  with  John  Lutaaya,  dropping  only  6  games  in  total  trounce  Central, North  Eastern  and  Eastern  Provinces  in  the  group  stages,  setting  up  a  finals  against Western  to  win  6-­0  6-­2.   This  year  for  the  first  time  since  the  program  was  started  2  years  ago  the  table  tennis players  made  to  the  Nationals  after  heartbreaking  loss  at  the  provincials  last  year,  ending the  hopes  and  dreams  of  the  last  years  team.     Tennis  Results   Nairobi  boys  Singles  1  -­  Yasin  Shabani   1.  4-­0  vs  central  22.  4-­0  vs  coast  13.  4-­0  vs  nyanza  14.  4-­1  vs  eastern  15.  4-­0  vs  rift valley  26.  4-­0  vs  north  eastern  17.  4-­0  vs  western  2  semi  finals-­  6-­2  vs  nairobi  2  finals-­  6-­ 0,6-­0  vs  central  1   Nairobi  Boys  Singles  2    -­  Henry  Ayesiga     1.    2-­4  vs  central  12.  4-­0  vs  coast  23.  4-­0  vs  nyanza  24.  4-­0  vs  eastern  25.  4-­0  vs  rift valley  16.  4-­0  vs  north  eastern  27.  4-­0  vs  western  1semi  finals-­  2-­6  vs  nairobi  3rd  place 6-­2  vs  central  2   Nairobi  Boys  Doubles  -­  Jamin  Luvembe/John  Lutaaya   1.  4-­0  vs  central     2.  4-­1  vs  north  eastern   3.  4-­0  vs  eatern   semi  final-­  6-­3  vs  western   finals-­  6-­0,  6-­2  Central Yasin  &  Henry Sadili's  Sada Nahimana  Lifts  EA ITF/CAT  Under  14 Title 12  year  old  Sada Nahimana (Burundi)  of  Sadili  Africa  Talent Training  Academy,  today  trounced Aisha  Niyonkuru  (ITF  Burundi Centre)  6/1  6/1... 3  June  2011 Hassan  Gets  His First  Chance  At Wimbledon Hassan  at  the  AJC zonals  in  Kenya last  year,  with  compatriot  Amadi Kagoma  of  Sadili,  where  they  took the  doubles  and  the  boys  top award  fo... Sadili  Tennis  Academy:  SATTA Downs  ISK  In  Return  Match Sadili  Tennis  Academy:  SATTA Downs  ISK  In  Return  Match  : Sadili  Talent  Training  Academy's Junior  Team  C  played  against International  Sc... Malezi  Takes  Early Lead  At  County Basketball Championships The  Malezi  Varsity team  showed  just why  they  were  District  Champions of  Lang’ata,  playing  two  games and  winning  both,  against Pumwani  a... EAST  AFRICA JUNIOR  TENNIS OPEN  AT  SADILI                                                              EAST  AFRICA JUNIOR  TENNIS OPEN  AT  SADILI  BEGINS                                                                RESULTS  AS  AT  16 TH... NAIROBI  COUNTY  TENNIS ASSOCIATION  IS  LAUNCHED Nairobi  tennis  enthusiasts  now finally  have  a  chance  to  work together  and  grow  the  game  of tennis,  with  the  launching  of  the Popular  Posts 2   More     Next  Blog» Create  Blog   Sign  In
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