September 2011  What form is for what?Form 23—Pool Safety Certificate be kept sec...
Maintenance TipsThere are a lot of handyman was a relatively large job, the not compliant with the guideliness...
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Pool newsletter sept 2011

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1.  September 2011  What form is for what?Form 23—Pool Safety Certificate be kept securely closed while they are certificate and must be given to theA Form 23 is issued after a Pool Safety not in use. High penalties apply for tenant. This form is now ONLY forInspection has been conducted by a noncompliance. shared pools that do not also do shortlicensed Pool Safety Inspector when Form 26—Pool Safety Nonconform- term accommodation. If a property forthe inspector is satisfied that the pool ity Notice example does holiday letting theybarrier is compliant with current A Form 26 is issued when a licensed MUST have a pool safety certificate inlegislation. For a non-shared pool it is Pool Safety Inspector is not satisfied place now. If they only handle longvalid for two years. For a shared pool it that the pool is a complying pool. It will term rental accommodation then theyis valid for one year. Any exemptions, detail how the pool does not comply have until 01 December 2012 to obtainalternative solutions or special and what must be done to make it a pool safety certificate.restrictions will be noted on the comply. If we are not requested to Form 17—Final Certificatecertificate. i.e. ‘The garage window A Form 17 is the Final Certificate for a re-inspect the pool after rectificationmust remain permanently screwed work has been completed within 3 pool barrier when a building approvalshut.’ months of the notice we are obligatedhas been obtained through council. It isIt is the pool owner’s responsibility to issued by a building certifier (not a pool to forward it to the local council forensure that the pool (including the further action. safety inspector).barriers for the pool) is properly If issued after 01 December 2009 itmaintained at all times to comply with Form 36—Notice of no pool safety certificate acts as a Pool Safety Certificate for thethe pool safety standard under theBuilding Act 1975. Gates and doors A Form 36 is issued for shared pools period of time stated on the form. Thisgiving access to the pool must always that do not yet have a pool safety is usually two years for a non-shared pool. Pool Safety Council With summer are currently fast approaching issuing $1,600 infringement notices be aware of tenants to buyers for using portable pools. non-compliance of the non- In most cases pool safety laws. they will require a Buyers must have a pool safety certificate in place within Pool Safety Certificate 90 days of settlement. (at the tenants cost)
  • 2. Maintenance TipsThere are a lot of handyman was a relatively large job, the not compliant with the guidelinesservices (and some inspectors) quotes were approximately given.seemingly trying to capitalize on $5,000, $6,000 and $7,000. Wethe pool safety laws. organized for the work to be done A classic example of this is a for $2,450. non-conformity notice that quiteAlthough we can organise clearly stated “Attach tilt fence railmaintenance, we do not insist Make sure you provide the to top and middle rail fromthat you use us and welcome handyman with the boundary to mesh fence” Thisother quotes being obtained. We non-conformity notice, it is a came with a photo and arrowsrecommend that you get at least public document so it’s ok to do. pointing to where it needed to be.two as, from what we are seeing, Our reports are very detailed tothey are likely to vary greatly. assist them with their work and The handyman, in their wisdom, include photos. put the ‘tilt fence rail’ (making aFor example we have just climbable rail non-climbable) oncompleted a pruning job for a Make sure that you check the the middle and bottom rails. Thisclient that had been quoted handyman’s knowledge of the again made it non-compliant!$1,300. Our handyman did the pool safety legislation. We aresame work for $280. seeing many cases where clients and agents are organizing theirAnother client had three quotes own repairs, unfortunately thefor the required repairs, and it work that is completed is often What others say about our service  Scary Statistics!!!Thank you very much for that greatletter, it explains everything very well. Only 38.5% of propertiesThe buyers were happy with your with pools advertisedexplanation of the fencing laws so thecontract on the house has now become recently for rent onunconditional. Once again, thank you for hadeverything you have done, you are one Pool Safety Certificatesof those rare finds, someone who goesout of their way to help people. We will in place!be very happy to pass ‘The Big Tick’ We checked over 400 rentals against the Poolname on to everyone we know with a Safety Register. Penalties up to $16,500pool. Chris & Robin—Underwood apply for individuals.