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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Originally published at http://www.prex.com/blog/im-only-sleeping-and-eating-and-im- so-tired/ I’m Only Sleeping. And Eating. And I’m So Tired. By Lydia Pudzianowski in Editorials, Opinion Posts, Song Reviews In this busy time of year, I thought it fitting to open up a discussion about something we’re all probably lacking: sleep. The context here is the Beatles. Like many of us, they were my first favorite band, and continue to be. There’s a question I like to pose to groups of my friends often, or strangers at bars, or anyone, really: “I’m So Tired” or “I’m Only Sleeping”? Both were written by John Lennon, but the former debuted on “The White Album” in 1968, and the latter was on 1966′s “Revolver.” Recently, I used the modern-day anthropologist’s fieldwork site, Facebook, to ask a larger audience. The first response I got was from my friend Savannah– “How many times are we going to have this conversation?” Elizabeth had this to say: “‘I’m So Tired’ is my fave, but only because it’s on ‘The White Album’ and it’s all ‘John Does the Blues’ and ‘I’m Only Sleeping’ is pretty perky.” Valid. Next up: Two of my former bandmates, Rob and Tex. I was waiting for these gents to weigh in, and each supplied simply the song name. Tex chose “I’m So Tired,” and Rob went with “I’m Only Sleeping.” Tex returned to defend his position, making sure to say that it wasn’t that he didn’t like the other choice: “Just saying ‘I’m So Tired’ is one of my favorite Beatles numbers.” He then added an unrelated anecdote, having to do with the Lovin’ Spoonful’s “What a Day for a Daydream” inspiring both “Sleeping” and “Good Day Sunshine.”"I’m pretty sure I read that in an actual book, not just the internet.” Finally, one of my professors showed up to set us all straight. Dr. Weintraub taught a fantastic class I took during my last undergrad semester called “The Music of the Beatles,” the required text for which was Bob Spitz’s mondo-bio The Beatles. Weintraub gave some context: “Tough to say because they’re separated by more than two years, which, as Lydia P. knows, is a lot in Beatletime. But, I might vote for ‘I’m Only Sleeping’ just because of the yawn in it.” He, of course, also knew to what Tex was referring, and cleared that up as well with evidence from a Paul McCartney biography by Barry Miles. “It was really very much a nod to The Lovin’ Spoonful’s ‘ Daydream’, the same traditional, almost trad-jazz feel. That was our favourite record of theirs. ‘Good Day Sunshine’ was me trying to write something similar to ‘Daydream’.” Between guys from my old band, friends, and my Beatles professor, I’d say I had a damn good turnout. So there you have it. Final score: “I’m Only Sleeping” gets two Facebook votes, and “I’m So Tired” ends up with two as well, but wins due to my tie-breaking vote. Share your thoughts before this Thursday’s tryptophan takes its toll.

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