New chapter book series fosters creative thinking for young readers
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. New chapter book series fosters creative thinking for young readers “Remote Control Adventures: Book 8: The Thirteenth Floor” by Lynne M. Silber takes readers on an action-packed quest with two siblings and their magic television remote control, as they battle an evil television producer who has infiltrated TV Land. PRINCETON,N.J. – “Remote Control Adventures: Book 8: The Thirteenth Floor” (ISBN 1512316407) by Lynne Silber entices the imagination of young readers as they experience a magical and eerie hotel mystery with siblings Zack and Lana Landon. Imagine watching television, and your remote control suddenly glows. A few moments later, the television characters begin speaking to you, pleading that they need your help. That’s exactly what happens to Zack and his sister Lana. The siblings must race into TV Land to outsmart an evil television Producer who has once again stolen a show Script and changed the ending, thereby ruining the show. In this, the eighth adventure with our fearless sibling duo, Zack & Lana must zoom into TV Land to free a baseball team that is magically trapped on the thirteenth floor of their hotel; thanks to The Producer’s evil tricks. To make matters worse, Lana is double-crossed and becomes trapped with the team. Zack must elude two burly security guards, find The Script and completely rewrite a scene to free his sister. But evil lurks behind closed doors – a vampire, a moss man and a mummy terrorize the already terrified Lana. Will Zack succeed in rescuing his sister, or will she be trapped on thirteen forever? Silber targets chapter-book reading children ages 6 to 9 who thirst for action-packed stories filled with suspense. The “Remote Control Adventures” series is designed to promote creative thinking, and allows young readers to use their imagination freely by presenting the wonder of being sucked into TV Land, and introduces the concept of shows being governed by a script, and how changing even a small part of that script will throw the story into an entirely new direction. ‘Remote Control Adventures’ is available for sale online at and other channels. About the Author: Remote Control Adventures is Ms. Silber’s big debut. What began with her two children arguing over the television remote, blossomed into a top-selling children's chapter book series. She currently has seven books in the series,and is working on Zack and Lana's next epic journey into TV Land. Before becoming an Author, Ms. Silber worked in live entertainment television asa Stage Managerand Associate Director on popular showsincluding The View, Iyanla, and The Main Ingredient with Bobby Flay. Lynne is a dynamic and energetic speaker, and makes a wonderful guest author. MEDIA CONTACT:Lynne M. Silber Email: Phone: (908) 330-1700 Website: REVIEW COPIES AND INTERVIEWS AVAILABLE

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