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National Conference on Business Ethics

In National Conference on Business Ethics : Waves of Change - Ocean of Opportunities, we propose to have panel discussions in selected four areas - Ethical Issues in Industry, Ethical Issues in Education, Ethical Issues in Law and Ethical issues in Medicine.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - National Conference on Business Ethics

  • 1. l {:0 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 0:4 Lunch on 2/12/2015 Rs. 1,00,000/- Lunch on 3/12/2015 Rs. 1,00,000/- Breakfast on 2/12/2015 Rs. 40.000/- Breakfast on 3/12/2015 Rs. 40,000/- Big Banner (4' x 6') Rs. 25,000/- Small Banner (2' X4‘) Rs. 10.000/- Conference Kit Rs. 1,50,000/- Cultural Program on 2/12/2015 Rs. 75.000/- l Dinner on 2/12/2015 Rs. 1,00,000/- Gifts 8. Mementoes 25 @ Rs. 5.000/- Rs. 1,25,000/- ea SOUVENIR ADS -- Full Page size - 7.5" x 9" Rs. 5000/- Half Page size - 7.5" x 4.5" Rs. 3000/- Quarter Page size - 3.5" x 4.5" R5. 2000/- ‘ CONFERENCE FEES ‘ For Corporates and Professionals Rs. 3000/- For Academiclans (Fees include Brealiiasll lunch. conference kit) Please mention yourfull name, design address and institutional a Lions clea. 'ly, Di‘ Rashn Hcballtar - °8?.7.500S5AE, "aslmihcl: Wa| l:ar@. 'cC Ur Dlpli lulpule ~ SU'i'iU'a2 , r.| plilLilpLIlc'I0@gn Wl. com Cheques in the name of Business Ethics Foundation C/ o.D1.S. G.Bapai, 'W"/ Prashani Nagar, Pune - 1': 'i'i030 Email - _;7unebei@gmail. com, : .We‘osiLe - "W. Send Paper abstract and full paper details to both the following addresses ai| .com ethicsiounclaLion. org. in ’ 'R's.2ooo/ - Forsludents ’ Rs. t500/- Business Ethics Foundation Members, Rs. tD00/- ‘ion, work e cerience, phone number, fax, email, Conference Chairperson : Dr. Rashmi Hebalkar (Ex-Chairperson Business Ethics Foundation, Director - Prabodhan Management Consultancy & Research) Conference Secretary : Dr. Dipti Tulpule (Secretary, Business Ethics Foundation, Associate Prolessor, Amity Global Business School) Conference Advisers Dr. S. G.Bapat : Founder President, Business Ethics Foundation Col (Dr. ) Sneh Sharma: Director, Amity Global Business School Conference Committee Shri. Narayan Gune, Chairman, BEF Dr. A. M.Joshi, Member, BEF Dr. Mohan Uchgaonkar, Member, BEF Dr. Garima Ratna, Faculty , Amity Global Business School Mr. Pritam Chattopadhyay, Faculty , Amity Global Business School Mr. R. R.Ku| karni, Member, BEF Mr. Bhuvanesh Kulkarni, Member, BEF
  • 2. ABOUT NATIONAL CONFERENCE BUSINESS ETHICS: WAVES OF CHANGES - OCEAN OF OPPORTUNITIES Why should companies behave ethically? Is it for ‘protecting the brand? ‘. ‘establishing customer tmst. "winning investorconfidence? ‘. Ethics and integrity have become an organizational priority and are at the core of sustainable long tenn suooess. Do business ethics and profitability go hand in hand’! Can conducting a business ethically be a growth driver amidst thin profit margins and stiff competition? What are some of the ethical issues faoed by the business leaders every day? As the majority of organization and institutions are making the digital leap. what are the issues and challenges that might emerge in conducting their businesses ethically and with complete transparency? Would the norms of business ethics change with the changing dynamics of business in future? The National Conference on Business Ethics organized by Business Ethics Foundation would debate and deliberate on these and several other related issues. Business Ethics Foundation organizes conferences every year. This is the fifth in the series. - 1st Year- Feb 24 8: 25,2011 - ‘Business Ethics 1 Contemporary Issues‘ - 2nd Year- March 10 &11,2012 -‘Ethics at Crossroads‘ - 3rd Year-ApriI12 8.13.2013 - Corporate Govemance : Myth or Reality - 4th Year- May 7. 2014 - Business Ethics : Today and Tomorrow This year, Business Ethics Foundation has organized the national conference jointly with Amity Global Business School. Business Ethics Foundation feels that the Conference is a common platform for the academicians 8t the industry professionals. We are inviting reputed academicians. professionals and industry people to share their views through 'Key Note Addresses‘ & ‘Panel Discussions‘ by eminent personalities in theirrespective fields on - Ethical lssuesin Education - Ethical Issues in Medicine - Ethical Issues in Industry - Ethical lssuesin Law All of us wish that inclusive growth & sustainable development is achieved by observing strong ethical norms. ABOUTTHE FOUNDATION The Business Ethics Foundation is a group of like minded people working to develop and implement philosophically sound and actionable frameworks for ethical and effective business management. The timeless principle of the dignity of the human being and the values of truth. freedom and justice provide the foundation for The Business Ethics Foundation. It is essential that within a business, the legitimate pursuit of profit should be in harmony with respect forthe dignityof the people involved in or affected by the business including Employees. Owners. Customers. Suppliers and Society. Obviously. therefore the Foundation focuses on efforts to create and strengthen ‘Ethical Awareness‘ amongst various business stakeholders. The foundation will try to reach all these sectors through Meetings I Conferences I Seminars I Research Projects etc. Let us join hands for this meaningful task of 'transformation‘. Foundation conducts quarterly programmes on business ethics. Some of the programmes covered are . ectures on CSR. ethics. money laundering. Case study discussions on topics like ‘Rise and Fall of Rajat Gupta‘ etc. Personalities like Mr. Dajikaka Gadgil. Mr. R. K.Laxman, Smt. Nirmalatai Sovani were felicitated with Life Time Achievement award. Publications of Business Ethics Foundation: - Business Ethics and Miles to Go - (Translation of My First Bookof Ethics) - Business Ethics : Today and Tomorrow (Top Management's interviews on ethics) (www. bhashavidha. com) RESEARCH PAPERS ARE INVITED ON THE FOLLOWING THEMES : Theme 1 : Theme 2 : Theme 3 1 Theme 4 : Theme 5 : Theme 6 : Normative Ethical Approach for Inclusive Innovation : Fmgality. Affordability and Sustainability Evolutionary trends in Business Ethics lnfonnation Technology and Ethical Govemance Ethics and Corporate Govemance Social Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainable development Ethical Practices in business and values in Leadership CONFERENCE PROGRAM Dec 2 10 am . 11 am Key Note Address by Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, N. C.L. Pune 11 am - 1 pm Ethical Issues in Industry 1. Dr. Stephen Benette. IDG 2. Dr. Pradeep Bhargav, Cummins India 3. Mr. Prakash Telang. Tata Hitachi 4. Mr. Dilip Sopori, Cummins India 2 pm - 4 pm Ethical Issues in Education 1. Dr. Arun Nigvekar. SCITECH Park 2. Dr. S. B. Mujumdar. Symbiosis Group of Institutes 3. Dr. Pandit Vidyasagar, SRTM University 4. Dr. Santosh Ehave. Bharat Forge 4 pm - 5 pm Selected Paper Presentations Foundation Members Key Note address by Dr. Ashok Ranade, Ethical Issues in Law 1. Mr. M. P. Bendre. Sr. Lawyer 2. Mr. S. B Panse. Retd. Judge 3. Dr. Jyotl Bhakare. Department of Law. SPPU 4. Ms. Nilima Bhadbhade. ILS Law College 10am—11am 11am-1pm Ethical Issues in Medicine 1 2 pm ' 4 pm Dr. K. H.SancheIi, Sancheti Hospital 2. Dr. Mukund Joshi. MJM Hospital 3. Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Gupte Hospital 4 Pm ' 4-30 pm Felicitation of Mr. Vijay Shinde. Business Consultant WHO CAN ATTEND? - Financial Consultants - Mid Level and Senior Managers - Management Students - Professionals - NGOs - Consultants - Corporate Managers - Academicians - Entrepreneurs Chartered Accountants. Lawyers. Doctors All those interested in promoting ethics