September 28, 2008
New York
GIRLS Aloud beauty
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Sunday world cutt 4

By Julian Brouwer
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Sunday world cutt 4

  • 1. September 28, 2008 SHOWBIZ 17 SPECIAL ‘I WAS SELFISH TO DUMP JESSE’ By JULIAN BROUWER in New York GIRLS Aloud beauty Nadine Coyle has admitted she was “selfish” to dump her loser drug addict American boyfriend Jesse Metcalfe. Metcalfe, who played Gabby’s toyboy love interest in the hit US show Desperate Housewives, went into rehab to conquer his booze and drug addiction. But it was all too much for Derry singer Nadine, who gave him the boot, mainly because of her busy schedule. HIT AND SPLIT: Nadine Coyle with former lover Jesse Metcalfe Now Nadine – who has been ordered by her doctors to quit music for a month after contracting shingles – says she is wracked with guilt about neglecting him in his time of need. “He had a horrible time going to rehab and it was all too much for me,” says Nadine. “I blocked it out of my life and But Nadine doesn’t need another man decided not to be a part of it and that’s wrong. That’s not something you should do if you love somebody. “I regretted being so selfish about it and so dismissive of him genuinely having a problem.” However, Nadine doesn’t miss being Jesse’s arm candy. Fulfilled “I don’t feel the need for another relationship. My life is fulfilled as it is and I have loads of male friends so I’m never stuck for male company,” she says. Since being dumped, Jesse has become something of a laughing stock on the social scene. A You Tube video of him being pummelled by British rapper Mams Taylor has become a cult classic. Taylor became incensed after Jessie began pestering his girlfriend and gave the American star a good old-fashioned beating. Now Nadine’s family has set up a chain of pubs and restaurants in America. And it’s a fair bet, Hellraising hunk Jesse won’t be at the top of their VIP guest list. Shortly after Jesse went into rehab, Coyle’s dad Niall said: “Nadine is in total shock. She never saw this coming, and neither did we. “We saw Jesse regularly when we were in the US, and we often thought he drank less than us. “She is devastated this has happened and blames herself that she didn’t see the warning signs.” Meanwhile, Nadine says the main reason she didn’t settle down with Jesse was that he was too OLD for her and that she didn’t want to settle down and have kids with him. She writes in the band’s new autobiography, Dreams That Glitter, “I was 20 when I met him and any talk about a permanent future just seemed very alien to me. “Something I wasn't ready for. He was 28 and wanted to settle down and have a wife and a family. “I was just too young to think about settling down.”

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