The Galien Foundation selects BMSystems for the MedStartUp Award program first step
during the US Galien Prize Forum in Ne...
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PRESS-RELEASE-The-Galien-Foundation-selects-BMSystems-for-the-MedStartUp-Award-program-during-the-US-Galien-Prize-Forum-in New-York-29092015

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - PRESS-RELEASE-The-Galien-Foundation-selects-BMSystems-for-the-MedStartUp-Award-program-during-the-US-Galien-Prize-Forum-in New-York-29092015

  • 1. The Galien Foundation selects BMSystems for the MedStartUp Award program first step during the US Galien Prize Forum in New-York. We are proud to announce that BMSystems was selected by the Galien Foundation and Business France to participate to the Medstartup Award program first step during the 6th US Galien Prize Forum (October 27-28) in New-York. This event brings together top cutting-edge companies where innovation, scientific excellence and creative commercial goals are of utmost importance. This is another prestigious recognition of the scientific excellence of CADI™ Discovery, the world's first "Mechanisms-Based Medicine" analytical platform invented and operated by biologists and of BMSystems' innovative business model that already has led to the creation of two novel therapeutic spin-offs at phase I/II clinical stages in 2015 and to a novel program ready for clinical validation. Pherecydes-Pharma (BMSystems spin-off, 2006, novel M.R. anti-bacterial nano-agents biotherapies). Two indications: Multi-resistant Skin infections and osteo-articular infections. Theranexus (co-patent, CEAs spin-off, 2013, innovative combined therapies for Psychiatric disorders). Successful Phase I in June 2015 for narcolepsy, a rare disease. Idunn (BMSystems' CADI™ program 2015, innovative combined therapy for Parkinson's disease ready for validation in human patients). Our working principle and what we succeeded to do: "Correct understanding of disease/disorder/syndrome mechanisms is the first objective. Finding the most pertinent biomarkers and integrated solutions is the necessary consequence of the first objective”. The solutions can be combinations of drugs, novel diagnostic paradigms, medical devices, nutriments, e-health or cosmetics. For more information, we warmly invite you to download our Corporate Presentation. To accommodate additional meeting requests from potential clients and partners, we decided to stay one more day (October 29th) in New-York. Should you be interested, do not hesitate to send me a meeting request using this link. BMSystems, created in 2004, profitable since 2006 ran productive R&D programs in major domains of medical concern: neurology (neurodegenerative diseases [Creutzfeldt-Jakob's, Parkinson's & Alzheimer's diseases], psychiatry, autism), infective & inflammatory disorders, metabolism (diabetes, longevity/aging), immunology and cancer, as well as in dermatology, skincare and cosmetics (see the 9 POCs in the full presentation). You have R&D and businesses issues, go no-go decisions to make. We may have a solution to help you. Kind regards Manuel GEA CEO Bio-Modeling Systems For more information Authors LinkedIn Posts: I should be very happy if you accept to join my networks

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