Preparing for a Future of Coordinated Care Stepping outside comfort zones,...
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Preparing for a Future of Coordinated Care - Cole Edmonson, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital

Cole Edmonson, a speaker at the marcus evans National Healthcare CNO Summit Spring 2013, on the healthcare industry’s preparation for care during natural disasters. Interview with: Cole Edmonson, Vice President, Patient Care Services, Chief Nursing Officer, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Preparing for a Future of Coordinated Care - Cole Edmonson, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital

  • 1. Preparing for a Future of Coordinated Care Stepping outside comfort zones, social environment. The next step is to learning new ways of thinking and be comfortable in a networking space developing new partnerships with those and recognize how technology can work who are already involved in these to the advantage of healthcare settings, will improve care coordination. providers. Shared learning and pinpointing the skills that CNOs are lacking, will make Platforms can be used to extend the them more successful in the new care reach of healthcare to more patients delivery model. who can receive it when it is needed. Patients can then interact with clinicians What must they do to prepare for and other patients in an attempt to natural disasters? share experiences.Interview with: Cole Edmonson, Nurses are equipped to understand the Technology development also has toVice President, Patient Care complexity of disaster dynamics. These have a clinical influence. ProgramersServices, Chief Nursing Officer, involve clinical, psychosocial, and can then develop the software toTexas Health Presbyterian Hospital emotional care that must be given to enhance patient, clinical and family victims, their families and also to the relationships. first response caregivers.“Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs) shouldeducate themselves on care A way to prepare is to read the relevantcoordination and how it will change in literature and learn about disaster Patientthe future,” says Cole Edmonson, Vice nursing. Another method is to work withPresident, Patient Care Services, the American Red Cross and takeChief Nursing Officer, Texas Health courses to enhance the skill sets neededPresbyterian Hospital. The challenge is in such situations, to provide the bestto gain new skills and knowledge aboutcommunity care by shared learning andworking towards better care care possible. How can costs be saved? satisfaction shouldcoordination, he adds. All aspects need to be examined. HowA speaker at the marcus evans staffing is carried out, what careNational Healthcare CNO Summit delivery models are in place and backSpring 2013, taking place in Buckhead,Atla nt a, Ge orgia, Marc h 1 4 -1 5 ,Edmonson discusses how patient care office functions, such as registration, are examples. CNOs should find partners to help them perform these be on the topshould never be compromised when it functions at lower costs with bettercomes to cost-cutting. quality. What should not be compromised is the direct careHow can CNOs improve care experience and patient satisfactioncoordination?CNOs should educate themselves on those should be on the top of the list. How can technology be used for of the listcare coordination and how it will change better patient communication?in the future. The challenge is to takedown the hospital walls in order to gain CNOs should be aware of the technologynew skills and knowledge about in their organizations and the future ofcommunity care and post acute care. these systems. They need toThis will make the connection between understand the positive features, as wellthe two more positive and productive. as the risks, in order to invest in a safe
  • 2. About the National Healthcare CNO Summit Spring 2013 The marcus evans Summits This unique forum will take place at The Ritz Carlton, Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia, group delivers peer-to-peer March 14-15, 2013. Offering much more than any conference, exhibition or trade information on strategic matters, show, this exclusive meeting will bring together esteemed industry thought leaders professional trends and and solution providers to a highly focused and interactive networking event. The breakthrough innovations. Summit includes presentations on successful collaboration between the CMO and CNO for quality outcomes, cutting edge leadership solutions, and creating a unified and nurturing team. Please note that the Summit is a Contact closed business event and the Maria Gregoriou, Journalist, marcus evans, Summits Division number of participants strictly limited. Tel: + 357 22 849 400 Email: For more information please send an email to All rights reserved. The above content may be republished or reproduced. Kindly inform us by sending an email to press@marcusevanscy.comAbout marcus evans Summitsmarcus evans Summits are high level business forums for the world’s leading decision-makers to meet, learn and discussstrategies and solutions. Held at exclusive locations around the world, these events provide attendees with a unique opportunity toindividually tailor their schedules of keynote presentations, think tanks, seminars and one-on-one business meetings.For more information, please visit: www.marcusevans.comUpcoming EventsLong-Term Care CXO Summit - www.longtermcaresummit.comNational Healthcare CMO Summit - www.nhcmiosummit.comNational Healthcare CXO Summit - www.nhcxosummit.comTo view the web version, please click here:

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