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BIOMET 3i is a leading manufacturer of dental implants, abutments and related products. Since its inception in1987, BIOMET...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Rick Sajewski Sr. Product Manager, Implant Systems 561-776-6874 Announcing A Reflection Of The Latest Advancement In Implant Dentistry - The NanoTite™ Tapered ImplantPalm Beach Gardens, FL - (August 15, 2007) - BIOMET 3i has combined the forces of dentistry andnanotechnology to launch a new addition to the NanoTite Implant family of products. The NanoTite TaperedImplant offers:- Next Generation Surface Technology: The NanoTite Implant builds on the success of the OSSEOTITE® Surfaceby creating a more complex surface topography, rendering the implant a Bone Bonding™ Surface by the interlockingof the newly formed cement line matrix of bone with the implant surface. Preclinical studies indicate the NanoTiteImplant nanotopography provides a greater rate and extent of osseointegration as compared to the OSSEOTITEImplant Surface*.- A True Tapered Shape that more closely approximates the shape of a natural tooth root.- Innovative Thread Design: Clinicians may achieve initial implant stability from threads that widen laterally whileextending to the apical end, providing stability throughout the length of the implant while maximizing Bone-To-Implant-Contact (BIC). The thread angle, depth and pitch produce an anchoring "bite in bone" response.- A Domed Apical End which potentially reduces trauma and is desirable in areas where implant placement closelyapproximates vital structures like the alveolar nerve or sinus membrane.- Spiral Incremental Cutting Edge: Progressive cutting edges, in a helical pattern with trailing thread relief,provide self-tapping for ease of insertion. The cupped recesses act as repositories for bone shavings, blood and thegrowth factors these contain, potentially offering a "head start" to osseointegration.The NanoTite Tapered Implant is conveniently color-coded and corresponds with full-length taps for ease ofplacement in dense bone and is available in the Certain® QuickSeat® Internal and External Connectionconfigurations for clinician preference. Four diameters and five lengths offer surgical flexibility.
  • 2. BIOMET 3i is a leading manufacturer of dental implants, abutments and related products. Since its inception in1987, BIOMET 3i has been at the forefront in developing, manufacturing and distributing oral reconstructiveproducts, including dental implant components and bone and tissue regenerative materials. The company alsoprovides educational programs and seminars for dental professionals around the world. BIOMET 3i is based in PalmBeach Gardens, Florida, with operations throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.For more information, call 1-800-443-8166 or 561-776-6700, or visit the company’s website:*Data on fileFor additional information, call BIOMET 3i Customer Service.In the USA: 1-800-342-5454 • Outside the USA: 561-776-6700 • www.biomet3i.comCertain, OSSEOTITE and QuickSeat are registered trademarks, Bone Bonding and NanoTite are trademarks ofBIOMET 3i, Inc. BIOMET is a registered trademark and BIOMET 3i is a trademark of BIOMET, Inc.© 2007 BIOMET 3i, Inc. All rights reserved. ###

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