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Press Release Slovak Barista Championship English

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release Slovak Barista Championship English

  • 1. Slovak Coffee Association +421.903.543020 Press release from the championship of Slovakia in the preparation of coffee 2010 After a year break, under new management asociation SCA (slovak coffee association), in On the 21st -24. January 2010 made official championship of Slovakia in the preparation of coffee in the next three disciplines. The contest took place on the premises during the exhibition Bratislava Incheba Danubius Gastro 2010 as very strong support from spectators. Slovak Barista Championship 2010 The competition consisted of the semifinal round, where the first 6 contestants had to practice go to Friday's finals. Rules are strictly for non-profit global organization SCAE (Specialty Coffee Assn. Of Europe), the Slovak "SCA" is a member. The rules and also overseen by an international jury of competitors, which, among other remarkable was the chairman (head of judge) certified trainer and winner of the SCAE World Cup Coffee In Good Spirit, Tasos Delichristos. In Friday's finals are of 6 competitors, where the quality of the contestants was moving and balanced. The SFD was the winner Stanislav CIBULA (Champion of Slovakia 2007) with the overall score 470, the second ended with a total of 433 points Galuska Marian (2008 Champion of Slovakia). Third place contestant won the Academy Dagmar Strachanová hotel with a total score ... ... . Prizes to the winners putted Miss Slovakia 2009 Barbora Franekova Agency of Forza. Congratulations. Latte ART ChampionShip 2010 Historically, first held in Slovakian soils contest called latte art. It is a preparation drinks latte art technology. The competition was dominated by women, where a very close result and the briefing referees was awarded the winning title sl. Miriam Szabóolova from hotel Academy in Nove Zamky with a total score 18, before the contestants Monica Palova that because of competition and arrived from Ireland, where it currently operates, with a total score 18th Third place belongs Martin Rapcová also competing in Nove Zamky. Congratulations *foto – left the winner Miriam Szábóolova , Monika Pálová , Martina Rapcová Coffee In Good Spirit 2010 This discipline in Slovakia is also held for the first time. In the competition to prepare the right of Irish coffee and free coffee drinks with alcohol use win Marian Galuska (Slovakia Barista Champion 2008) to score 22, before the rookie Andrei Gubany of Martin's very promising bartenders Pavol Bezak - Bratislava. Congratulations
  • 2. Slovak Coffee Association +421.903.543020 All three winners will now awaiting intensive preparation for World Championships in London (June 2010) which will seek to demonstrate their skills and take a jury to summit events and try to press for the World Championship in their dispilínach where the winners will be decided in the midst of more like 60 countries where national championships are made. Also, the results are counted in the overall evaluation of the country's most successful country. Chances Slovaks significantly increasing, whereas, since the championship was posted respectively. Slovakia was represented in only one discipline Barista. It belongs to thank sponsors, without whom it would be impossible to organize the competition and assisting the team of volunteers and organizers. All information on rules, photo gallery, výsledkz see ofociálnych WWW.SCAE.BIZ Association website or at the official European website th Zilina,Slovakia 26 of january 2010 za Slovak Coffee Association Marian Galuška – koordinátor SCAE Slovak Chapter , prezident SCA

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