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Press Re Launch 5.2.12

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Re Launch 5.2.12

  • 1. Standish Risk Management Announces Launch of RiskyHorizons Advisory ServicesJanuary 2012RiskyHorizons: Moving Risk From Top-Down Compliance Survival Mode toOrganization-Wide Commitment with Longevity-Creating MovesNEW YORK – Standish Risk Management is launching RiskyHorizons AdvisoryServices, headquartered in New York City and with offices in Boston and Orlando.RiskyHorizons is a multi-disciplinary strategic and risk advisory service thatmoves risk from management and compliance to organization-wide engagementand commitment. Our founders and team are highly experienced experts andexecutives who have held senior positions, consulting and teaching roles inFortune 100 companies, financial institutions, Capitol Hill offices, and top levelmedical and business schools.With proven processes from financial analysis, business and brain science,RiskyHorizons provides clients with evidence-based and research-groundedsolutions. Action-oriented advisory services enable clients to develop whole-brained assessments and solutions to address risks from 4 critical points of view.In addition, RiskyHorizons harnesses field-tested proprietary Winners Waymethodology, grounded in cutting-edge research in brain and behavioral science,to create cultures of engagement and teaming where individuals and teams atevery level and function are proactively involved in assessment and addressingrisk and holding each other accountable to do so.With the RiskyHorizons methodology, clients open their ears, eyes, and minds tothe whole truth, generate multi-perspective plans to mitigate risks, create culturesof teaming and accountability that erase the need for whistle-blowing, and getprepared to confront low-probability threats and extreme black swan risks withthe mindsets and skills to successfully implement the solutions developed. Ourclients develop the competencies and mindsets to perform under pressure, toimplement change, and to prepare for risk--to move from the majority of changesand strategies that remain plan to the desirable minority of changes and strategiesthat are successfully implemented and that ensure frontrunners in competitivepacks that they will have a long run.For further information contact the Partners of RiskyHorizons:  Mary  Beth  Borgwing                  Dr.  Pamela  Brill  Standish  Risk  Management                    President,  In  the  Zone,  Inc.  617.699.0525                                              617.797.7652  Twitter:!/riskyhorizons

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