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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. WEDNESDAY, DECEI4BER 9, 2OO9 SOUTH CHIl{A MORNIl{G POST Liu Xiaobo likely to be accused of subversion, a year after his arrest Charter OB Mriter to face charges today not be any immediate resolution to sweeping political re- Will Clem in Shanghai forms. the case. Prominent dissident Liu Xiaobo "According to procedure, the The date when it (gtla*i&) iS expected to face formal authorities have the right to defer the was published last charges of inciting subversion today, case back to the court for a month," year, December 10, a year after he and other human he said. "They can do that twice un- was the 60th anniversary of &e Unit- rights activists published the "Char- derthe legal system." ed Nations Declaration of Human terO8" manifesto. Liu's detention and subsequent RiChts. Liu, one of thd charter's authors, arrest sparked an international out- Itwas initially signed by 303 main- was detained on December B last cry, with public demonstrations held land intellectuals, lawyers and rights year, two days before the document in HongKong and formal requests for actMsts, but about 8,100 people - was published, but was only officially his release issued by the US State both from the mainland and over- arrested in June. Deparlrnent. seas - have since added their names Mo Shaoping(H','+), the high- Liu's wife, UuXia (#il€), said last to the document. profile Beijing rights lawyer handling nightshe had notbeen allowed tovis- At least 70 ofthe original signato- Liu's case, said last night that he was itherhusband since lv{arch 20. ries have been questioned by police meeting police and had been in- "It has been incredibly difficult. in relation to the document. formed the case was being passed to Our only communication has been "We can bring to reality the goals prosecutors today. through the lawyers," she said. "This and ideals that our people have in- "We cannot have any expecta- fcharges being brought] should have cessan$ been seeking for more than tions at this time," he said. "But at the happenedlongago. There is no point ahundredyears, and can bring abril- veryleast, we shouldbe ableto hrow in postponing the matter any further. liant new chapter to Chinese civilisat- the direction the case is heading and It would not be fair to him. ion," the article states. howthe authorities are goingto han- "My only hope is that they will The documentlists a series of de- dle it." bring the case to cottrt as soon as pos- mands towards democratisation, in- Mo said that although he expect- sible and that I may be able to catch cluding a newconstitution; the sepa- edto be ableto see some oftheprose- sight ofhim there." ration ofjudicial, legislative and exec- cution's evidence against his client Charter 0B is a strongly worded utive powers; public control of civil today, Liu would not appear before plea for an end to a one-party state servants; rural-urban equality; and judges and it was likely there would and the immediate introduction of the election of public officials.

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