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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Visualize what matters most Design organizational scenarios and intelligently plan for the future with Nakisa® OrgModeler™ Copyright © 2013 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. As businesses become more complex and marketplaces move faster than ever before, HR departments are increasingly faced with the perpetual challenge of modeling and re-modeling the organization in order to stay on top. Whether it be a major merger & acquisition or resource allocation across multiple projects, businesses need to predict, analyze and execute org transformations with increased precision in order to be competitive. Gaining a clear picture of the organization and having the right information at the right time to make informed decisions is easier said than done. Nakisa® OrgModeler™ reduces the risk and uncertainty of making critical enterprise and talent decisions by providing Managers, HR & Executives with the key insight and collaboration abilities to be able to proactively prepare for change, minimize its disruption on the organization, make better-informed decisions and facilitate workforce transition. Nakisa® OrgModeler™ enables you to: • Model new departments, project teams, organizations and more • View key analytics to immediately calculate the effect your decisions will have on direct and indirect headcounts, salaries, and budgets • Plan and assess multiple scenarios to determine the best course of action • Seamlessly merge changes from the“live” system with scenarios, ensuring up-to- date models • Use a flexible and secure workflow to review and approve a scenario and prepare it for write- back (commitment to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system) • Leverage an industry-first, fully guided write-back process for committing scenario changes to the backend ERP system • Collaborate securely with colleagues and create scenarios to effectively resolve strategic HR planning issues and save valuable time by planning ahead Take charge of organizational change
  • 2. Copyright © 2013 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. About us Nakisa® Inc. is a leading Org and Talent Management software company, providing the world’s largest organizations with the ability to visualize and maintain accurate HCM data, confidently execute organization modeling and design, devise harmonized succession and career plans, and engage a highly productive workforce. In collaboration with a global network of partners, Nakisa serves a wide range of customers across all sectors and regions. Nakisa’s expanding client base includes 600+ enterprise customers, with more than 4 million subscribers from 24 industries, in 125 countries. Nakisa has been a Tier 1 partner of SAP® since 2007. Available in 18 languages, SAP® Organizational Visualization by Nakisa® (SOVN) and SAP® Talent Visualization by Nakisa® (STVN) are co-developed, supported and sold by SAP. These official solution extensions form a key part of the SAP product and enhancement roadmap, ensuring customers fully benefit from the latest SAP HCM technology innovations. Contact us Please visit for more information or email to arrange an assessment of your organizational modeling capabilities and book a live demonstration of the Org and Talent Management solutions by Nakisa.  Unique guided write-back functionality A secure and guided process for committing approved scenario changes to the back-end ERP system, which includes pre-validation, error correction, bulk commitment with roll-back, and full reporting/audit tracing abilities.  Create“what-if” scenarios Create, compare and analyze multiple scenarios to determine the best course of action.  Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality Users can easily model various scenarios without affecting live data by simply dragging and dropping. Users can even drag-and-drop nodes from search results, eliminating time wasted mining through data.  Real-time, accurate data Provides real-time access to organizational data, assuring users that scenarios are based on the most up-to-date information.  Visualize key analytics Attach analytical information to scenarios, such as head-counts, full-time equivalence, equity information, salary totals and other counts or roll-ups to execute changes with the desired outcomes.  Collaborate on scenarios Users can collaborate and share models across the enterprise in a secure environment. What-if scenarios can be shared, reviewed, modified and applied to the official corporate org chart.  Integrated approval workflows A customizable and collaborative workflow allows for a scenario to be analyzed and approved by all relevant stakeholders directly from the planning stage. End-to-end organizational modeling: Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality allows you to carry out organizational modeling in real- time, view live metric updates, save, analyze and share scenarios with colleagues and write-back the changes to the SAP® back-end. Visualize the impact in real-time: Create custom analytics, set target KPIs and carry out comparisons of key data in real-time. Key Capabilities

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