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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Visualize what matters most Build a sustainable talent pipeline with Nakisa® SuccessionPlanning™ Copyright © 2013 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. Specialized talent that meets your business needs is in short supply, an aging workforce poses the threat of crucial knowledge gaps for key positions, and the war for talent is more intense than ever before. With so much uncertainty, developing a sustainable talent pipeline can make the difference between the growth or decline of your business. Recent industry studies show that most companies have no real leadership development plan or succession strategy. In times of economic doubt and increased competition, having the leadership necessary to navigate through your business’ challenging conditions proves to be invaluable. Companies must prioritize maintaining clear data and gaining insights to know which candidates from their current talent pool are truly worth developing and investing in. The Nakisa® SuccessionPlanning™ module provides a comprehensive way for your organization to visualize the talent you have today, and prepare for the talent and skills you will need tomorrow. The solution provides Managers, HR & Executives with a clear process and the tools they need to deploy talent where it will have the highest impact in achieving overall business objectives. Nakisa® SuccessionPlanning™ enables you to: • Align HR policies with business needs and strategic objectives • Identify and nurture top talent and increase retention • Reduce risk and drive down attrition costs • Cultivate a company culture driven by employee development • Keep track of key roles, flight risk and succession options • Monitor organizational readiness for future strategic change • Build bench strength by creating succession pools Align your talent with your business goals
  • 2. About us Nakisa® Inc. is a leading Org and Talent Management software company, providing the world’s largest organizations with the ability to visualize and maintain accurate HCM data, confidently execute organization modeling and design, devise harmonized succession and career plans, and engage a highly productive workforce. In collaboration with a global network of partners, Nakisa serves a wide range of customers across all sectors and regions. Nakisa’s expanding client base includes 600+ enterprise customers, with more than 4 million subscribers from 24 industries, in 125 countries. Nakisa has been a Tier 1 partner of SAP® since 2007. Available in 18 languages, SAP® Organizational Visualization by Nakisa® (SOVN) and SAP® Talent Visualization by Nakisa® (STVN) are co-developed, supported and sold by SAP. These official solution extensions form a key part of the SAP product and enhancement roadmap, ensuring customers fully benefit from the latest SAP HCM technology innovations. Copyright © 2013 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. Contact us Please visit for more information or email to arrange an assessment of your data management capabilities and book a live demonstration of the Org and Talent Management solutions by Nakisa.  Profile match Easily search for and suggest the best-matched talent to the right role by having the capability to view potential successors and compare candidates side-by-side.  Candidate vs. position competency match-up Visualize and analyze potential candidates for succession planning against the defined competencies of any given position.  Grid calibration Drag and drop employees within the performance/potential grid to easily calibrate rank and readiness. Bring employees from the “exceptions”basket directly into the grid while maintaining all their associated values.  Talent groups & successor pools Make succession planning more efficient by proactively seeking out candidates and creating pools by talent or by their ability to be a successor for a job family.  KPIs and real-time analytics Easily access real-time information about the existing workforce for a comprehensive snapshot of talent inventory and bench-strength.  9-box grid analysis Interactive talent grid, with detailed mouse-over and drag-and-drop functionality, makes it easier to reveal candidates’risk of loss, performance, potential, rank and readiness to fill vital roles.  Succession nominations Easily nominate successors for positions directly from the employee details panel and propose employees to specific talent groups and key positions. Core competencies can be assigned by managers to positions within a given area of responsibility. Build a sustainable succession pipe: Search best-matched candidates, compare candidates side-by-side and create successor pools. Key Capabilities Align your succession plans with KPIs: Analyze key data via intuitive dashboards and quickly identify talent gaps.

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