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NAGC ARTS 2015 Special Schools & Programs Issue

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - NAGC ARTS 2015 Special Schools & Programs Issue

  • 1.   NAGC ARTS NEWSLETTER CALL FOR ARTICLES // May 11, 2015   The NAGC Arts Network seeks newsletter submissions that rest within OUR MISSION, which includes: ♦ promoting the recognition and acceptance of the Arts as an essential area of giftedness; ♦ encouraging research in the area of artistic giftedness and talent; ♦ providing practical strategies and resources to foster artistic expression; ♦ illuminating the benefits of integrating meaningful arts experiences into the academic curriculum and providing support for practice; and, ♦ increasing awareness of artistic expression; aesthetic perception, aesthetic valuing, and aesthetic appreciation; and the psychosocial dimensions associated with educating and caring for artistically gifted and talented individuals. Additionally, you may be able to offer some insight to a few of our musings, which other Arts Network members might share: ♦ What is the rate of coincidence between “artistic” giftedness and “academic” or “intellectual” giftedness? That is, does one tend to travel with the other? What measures can be used to assess this? ♦ We discuss the specific social and emotional traits of the artistically gifted. What does recent research look like on this? ♦ Do different domains of talent in the arts (e.g., music, dance, theatre, visual arts, architecture, fashion) have different developmental trajectories, or come to fruition at predictably different times in life? ♦ What are some examples of arts and academic curriculum models at exemplary arts schools in the U.S.? ♦ What are the experiences of parents learning of their child’s artistic gifts and talents, and nurturing them to fruition? ♦ What are the experiences of teachers and administrators in identifying students’ artistic gifts and talents, and rallying the necessary support systems and services to nurture them to fruition? ♦ What are the experiences of students (past and present) attending schools and summer programs with an arts focus? Submitting a piece to the NAGC Arts Network Newsletter is a practical means of sharing your experiences and musings with a targeted audience. We welcome all content (e.g., research summaries, program descriptions, personal narratives, photos and videos of student art works). Please contact the newsletter editor at with any questions.   Submissions  Sought  for  Special  Schools  &  ARTS  Programs  Issue  !!! The NAGC Arts Network dedicates the next issue to schools and programs that serve artistically gifted and talented students. Schools and programs refer to, but are not limited to, the following: different models of public schools (e.g., magnet, charter, specialized, and residential); independent day and residential schools; weekend and after-school programs; and exclusive summer programs. Submissions are due by May 11, 2015 and will appear in the forthcoming ARTS Network, and Special Schools & Programs Network Newsletters. Articles should be between 500 and 1000 words and may describe the characteristics, skills, teaching, mentoring, or parenting of artistically gifted students. Perspectives may be autobiographical or biographical accounts of one’s experience, or reader-accessible, practitioner-directed reports of research. For more details on this issue or to submit articles, please contact Merzili Villanueva, Editor, NAGC ARTS Network Newsletter (

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