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Poly high holiday fundraiser

Support Poly High School ASB by purchasing a fresh Christmas tree, wreath or garland!
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Poly High $chool AIB Holidqy Fundrqirer Wreath Size Price 24" $35.00 # ffi Doug Fir Noble Fir Grand Fir Size Price Size Price Size Price s, - 6, $45.00 4 5 $5o.oo 5,- 6, $50.00 6-7 $5o.oo s,- 6, $60.00 6 - 7 $60.00 7, - g $60.00 6, - 7, $70.00 7, - g $75.00 Swag Garland 8,- g, $75.00 7, - g $90.00 8,- g, $95.00 8, - g $110.00 g,- 1o, $120.00 Size Price Price g, - 1o, $140.00 24" $32.00 $2.50 per ft.Support Poly High School ASB by purchasing a fresh Christmas tree, wreath or garland.Funds will be used to support activities for all students at Poly High School, includingassemblies, athletics, publications and leadership training for our ASB students.Pavment Method: CASH or CHECKPlease make checks payable to: Polv Hiqh School ASBSales: October 1. throuqh November 7thPick up: Saturdav December 8. 20128 a.m. - 12 p.m.At Poly High SchoolFor more information contact. Vanessa Douty, (951)751-3670
  • 2. Noble Fir Wreaths Our classic Noble fir wreath is made from fresh premium noble fir boughs, three accent points of incense cedar, blue-berried juniper, red berries and Ponderosa pine cones. Fled bow included. Available in 24,, diameter Doug Fir Noble Fir Grand Fir Iro I)our;llrs Fir has been the major Long considered the *Cadillac, of The Grand Fir is easily distinguished by its)lrrl;lrrr;rs lrec species used in the pacific Christmas trees, the Noble is popular fullness, glossy dark green tops and knownkrrtlrwcsl since the .l g20,s. Nationally, it because of its ability to retain its freshness for being the most fragrant.Irll rcrrr;rirrs as the most popular Chriitmas ,r, when cut. The needles and branches are Height f rom 5 - 10r I lrr_.y ltave a sweet f ragrance when Evergreen Swag rr;lrorl. l lei<;ht f rom 5 - 9, stiff and hold ornaments easily and retains Garland a strong fresh fragrance. Mixed Noble fir swags Pure Cedar Garland is perfect Height f rom 4 - 10 are made from berried for decorating inside or juniper, incense cedar outside your homel lt ropes with pine cones and red beautifully around stair cases berries. Available in a or columns and can be length of 24". draped over maniles and)rganization: tables. The fragrance will fill your home with cheer.