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Natural Complementary Cancer Treatments That Work

This article discusses some of the most common complementary cancer treatments that have had positive results in the fight against cancer.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Natural Complementary Cancer Treatments That Work

  • 1. cancerf Alternative Natural Treatments For Cancer With the help of other Health Care Prof essionals, I have researched the best time-tested and proven remedies that ef f ectively have helped countless people all over the world with all types of cancer. It can be a real challenge when a person has cancer to know what to do, as there are now hundreds of remedies and therapies in the ‘natural alternative world’ to choose f rom. One cannot take a chance on ‘new and unproven’ remedies when your lif e is on the line, theref ore in outlining all the types of cancer I have also indicated several natural time tested and proven remedies that one could use to ‘win the battle’ over these cancers in the shortest time possible One remedy or protocol that I f ound the most benef icial f or my mother was the Dr. Budwig program. Dr. Budwig discovered a remedy and protocol that has f or more than 60 years helped countless people not only with cancer but with 50 other common diseases. Theref ore I based a lot of my research on her approach. She was nominated 7 times f or the Nobel Prize. I noticed that some have criticized this comment by saying that anybody can nominate anyone they choose f or a Noble Prize. But that is not true. There is a certain criteria you have to meet, f or example to start with you have to have a Nobel Prize yourself bef ore you can nominate someone else! Dr. Johanna Budwig stated that ‘cancer is cancer’ and so no matter what type of cancer or where the cancer is the same basic protocol is needed in all cases with a f ew adjustments. Her f amous Flaxseed oil and Cottage cheese (Quark) as well as her special f ood program caused all types of cancers to go into remission. She was also in f avor of emotional healing, hyperthermia, herbal and natural f ood based remedies and of course homeopathic remedies which originated in her country of Germany. Since her time new anti-cancer therapies and treatments have been discovered, but not all of these work with her program and in some cases could nullif y the ef f iciency of her successf ul f ormula, so one must be caref ul and would do best to work with a qualif ied health care expert in the Budwig approach. Here below is a list of several common types of cancer and I believe the best therapies to use. Note that Dr. Budwig used her Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese on all types of cancer. However some people are very lactose/dairy intolerant and even though the ‘casein’ in the dairy is greatly neutralized with the FSOCC (Flaxseed oil and Cottage cheese) mixture, some will still have digestive issues, nasal congestion, etc., when then consume it. Also the ‘casein’ could cause inf lammation. Theref ore f or people with a dairy intolerance or inf lammation issues it may be best to use other remedies other than the FSOCC f or certain cancer that have inf lammation or hormonal issues involved such as; Brain cancer, Inf lamed Breast cancer, Ovarian and prostate cancer. Here are several natural and very ef f ective anti-cancer remedies that have helped countless people to restore their health and beat cancer: Local and whole body hyperthermia. Used in many German cancer clinics as well as the BUDWIG CENTER in Spain. I f ound some American clinics using hyperthermia however they by law are obligated to use chemotherapy in conjunction with hyperthermia. FSOCC (Flaxseed oil and Cottage cheese/Quark) of Dr. Budwig and the f ull Budwig f ood program. You can download the FREE BUDWIG GUIDE at:
  • 2. Daily sessions of RIFE TIME frequency generator to destroy the cancer virus with the electrodes being placed right over the af f ected area would be needed. There are several Rif e machines on the market however many have dangerous radio waves and several we researched as simply glorif ied Hulda Clark zappers which are not powerf ul enough to destroy the BY and BX cancer viruses, as well as parasites, worms, harmf ul pathogens and bacteria. Most RIFE machines we examined were complicated to operate and there was no direct contact with the body, reducing their ef f ectiveness. The RIFE TIME has over 30 years of excellent research and development and is considered 6 times more ef f ective than the original Dr. Royal Rif e machine. E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) is needed in all cases of chronic illnesses to clear away past negative emotional trauma that could have triggered the cancer. Some research suggests as much as 85% of chronic illnesses have a link to past negative emotional experiences. There are several EFT (Tapping) practitioners all over the world now and you can easily learn to do it to yourself on a daily basis which is ideal. Immune system enhancement using natural remedies such as transf er f actors, homeopathic and herbal products. It’s your immune system that needs to be strong enough so that eventually it will win over the cancer and cause it to go into remission. Wheat Grass (or liquid chlorophyll) increases red blood-cell count and lowers blood pressure, cleanses the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract of debris. It also stimulates metabolism and the body’s enzyme systems by enriching the blood, aids in reducing blood pressure, stimulates the thyroid gland and restores alkalinity to the blood. Chlorophyll is one of f oods closest things to human blood as it’s the ‘blood’ of plants. Carrot/vegetable juices daily. TRICAN is a mineral f ood powder f ormula designed by an expert bio-chemist to restore the nutritional def iciencies associated with all diseases including cancer. This potent f ormula contains a variety of natural ingredients that has the incredible reputation f or restoring, rebuilding and detoxif ying the body to recover health and overcome a host of serious and chronic illnesses. TRICAN has a good track record of over 15 years of helping many people with all types of cancer. Coffee enemas f or at least 3 weeks to detox the liver would be most helpf ul. Flaxseed oil enemas as well would energize the body in cases where the patient is very weak and or severally constipated. VEGA Resonance Frequency Whole Body Cancer test determines the level of cancer without any harsh chemicals, radiation or needle biopsies (that cause the cancer to spread). The VEGA test also recommends the natural remedies needed, thus giving a very personalized program which is much more ef f ective than using the same supplements and remedies f or everyone with the same type of disease. VEGA test is very popular in Europe. I have sent urine and hair samples to the BUDWIG CENTER in Spain several times to monitor the progress of my mother.
  • 3. VEGA MATRIX spinal therapy activates the natural ‘healing’ ability of the body. VEGA MATRIX is used in many clinics in Europe as it is made in Germany. (The BUDWIG CENTER in Spain has both the VEGA testing system and the MATRIX). Essential oils carry the highest f requency known to man and Frankincense blended with other pure therapeutic oils has been very helpf ul in the treatment of this type of cancer. It’s important however to use only 100% pure therapeutic essential oils. PAIN MASTER is case of pain would be a better alternative than harsh pain killers. Much more ef f ective than TENS and pain relief oils and creams. HEALTH RESTORE BLANKET wrapped around the patient daily changes an initially unf avorable f unctional condition of the human body towards a more f avorable state by optimizing the f unctioning of the regulatory and protective subsystems that essentially determines the state of physical health, emotional and mental state, and resistance to diseases and stresses and the severity of disorders. Many f ind their recovery time greatly reduced and a wonderf ul f eeling of well-being while using the Health Restore Blanket. Large doses of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K. A 2007 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition f ound that af ter f our years of f ollow up, cancer-f ree survival was 77 percent higher in women who received 1,100 IU vitamin D and 1,450 mg calcium per day, compared to those who received either a placebo or calcium by itself . According to Carole Baggerly, f ounder of GrassrootsHealth, as much as 90 percent of ordinary breast cancer may in f act be related to vitamin D def iciency. Breast cancer has even been described as a “vitamin D def iciency syndrome,” much like the common cold and seasonal f lu. BICARBONATE INFUSIONS: If he cancer cells are near the surf ace bicarbonate inf usions over the cancer cells can be very ef f ective. Dr. Simioncini of Italy uses this. We spoke with him on the use of bicarbonate (baking soda) and maple syrup and he said it does not work. The baking soda has to literally touch the cancer cells with the high alkaline shock treatment to work. It does not work all the type but it could be an option f or a limited amount of cancers. RICK SIMPSON OIL – Discovered by a Canadian named Rick Simpson, the melatonin this hemp oil (made f rom the bud of the hemp plant) produces is an essential part of healing. When the f unction of the pineal gland is impaired, it produces much less melatonin and theref ore we become sick and diseased. Studies have been released that show people suf f ering f rom cancer have low levels of melatonin in their bodies. I am not sure but it may also disable the cancer virus and detoxif y the body. I do not have the f unds to verif y the legal use of this Rick Simpson oil in all the countries of the world. Please do your own research and make your own decision. All I know is that mother and many people now are winning the battle against cancer by adding the Rick Simpson hemp oil to their program. This is a totally non-additive medical natural product that is even saf e f or babies to consume and should not be conf used with those who ‘smoke’ the Marijuana leaf which is very dangerous, additive and something I would totally discourage.

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