Hello, my name is Michelle Galbraith.
Thank you for requesting the Insync Press
I hope you'll find all the informati...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press Pack-5

  • 1. Hello, my name is Michelle Galbraith. Thank you for requesting the Insync Press Pack. I hope you'll find all the information you need below but if there's something else you need or you would like to speak to me directly,  please call 07887 756088 Why is Insync different? Insync is different from other courses because it brings together the key ingredients that make up for a sustainable, happy and balanced lifestyle. There is a lot of information available to us about healthy lifestyles but it's not delivered holistically, taking you as a whole person into account How will Insync help me? You will enjoy clarity over your priorities in your lifestyle. You will have more fun in life and strangely, more time. When will I see and feel a difference in my life? Within the first week you will start to feel 'different' possibly more energy. By the end of week three you will begin to notice physical differences in your body, for example how your clothes fit and your attitude throughout day-to-day life. The course does require personal commitment and consistency of following the programme in order for you to enjoy its maximum benefits. Do I have to be a health expert? Absolutely not, Insync is designed for people who may be new to finding healthy lifestyle solutions. The course detail is scientifically proven and it is delivered in a language which is easy to understand and follow. Why should I use Insync? If you want to get the best out of your day, be that from how you feel in your 'inner world' to peak performance in exercise then you need to understand how the female body works. Will I be on my own? You will have personal access 1-1 with Michelle throughout the 8 weeks, you will also be part of a private members community of ladies where you can share and discuss your Insync journey. Sometimes, especially when we are new to something we feel a shy reluctance to ask questions but you can be sure that someone else will have asked your question already which greatly assists in you accelerating in your own journey towards the female game. How do I access the course? It's online with your own personal log in details, each week of the course will be revealed to you as you progress. This is to prevent overwhelm. There are lots of playful gamification elements to the course which help you stay on track. What materials do I need to buy? Nothing! Just bring your enthusiastic self! InSync at the Loola Doola Retreat - April 2015 InSync visited the Loola Doola Retreat to talk to a group of ladies about the InSync course and the correlation between womens' health and the menstrual cycle. InSync at My Mojo Rocks Health and Wellbeing - October 2015 InSync attending the My Mojo Rocks event to provide information and demonstrations to women about their health and wellbeing. To find out more about InSync or to register for the course, visit www.insync.life

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