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Press Release (Patent)

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Keg-U-Later International, Ltd. NEWS RELEASEContacts: Michael Klatzo 39 Ma Tau Wai Road, Room 1015, Tower A 671 Poaug Lane Hung Hom Commercial Centre Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong 843-971-8223 852-2417-3735 “Company Patents Revolutionary New Dispensing System”Charleston, SC: (May 25, 2010) Keg-U-Later International, Ltd. announces that a US Patent(US-7,721,567 B2) has been awarded to the Company for a new system to Cool, Carbonate andDispense a Liquid in a Keg. This could revolutionize how and where Carbonated Beveragessuch as Draught Beer and Soft Drinks, are commercially dispensed throughout the world.Carbonated beverage dispensing systems need pressurized CO2 gas to Carbonate and Dispense.This is achieved through the use of various high pressure vessels that were first created byHarrisburg Steel Corporation (Harrisburg Pipe) in 1902. These cylinders and the supply chain forCO2 gas remain virtually unchanged since then. Retailers still need industrial gas suppliers tofill, refill and transport CO2 cylinders (following USDOT Rules) to their places of business.According to Keg-U-Later, their patented systems use proprietary pressure vessels (some Highpressure, some Low Pressure) that use solid CO2 or Dry Ice to Cool, Carbonate and DispenseDraught Beer and Soft Drinks. Dry Ice is extremely cold (-109*F) and sublimates (changes) intoCO2 gas. When Dry Ice is placed inside the Company’s proprietary vessels, significant coolingbenefits are generated and the CO2 gas is also captured to carbonate and dispense. Using DryIce, which is affordable and available at thousands of retail locations such as grocery stores,eliminates dependence upon the current supply chain needed for pressurized CO2 gas.According to Sales Director, Mike Klatzo, “All of our pressure vessels are used to Carbonate andDispense which could replace the standard CO2 gas cylinder. Some do all three – Cool,Carbonate and Dispense. Each pressure vessel has a specific application or applications. Ourtesting data show incredible results with differing Draught Beer Dispensing systems like LongDraw, Direct Draw, Jockey Box and Flash Chillers as well as Soft Drink systems.”Keg-U-Later has been an innovator of new technologies to enhance the Draught Beer Experiencesince 2005. Enhancing the Draught Beer Experience involves serving Draught Beer in its optimalstate to the consumer, while also increasing dispensing efficiency, availability and profitabilityfor the brewers, distributors and retailers.USA 843-971-8223 HK 852-2417-3735

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