RFP – General Call - 2008
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National Pork Board Research Proposal
General Call - 2008
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It is our policy to honor the confidentialit...
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1. Literature Review - Current status of problem – brief literature review.
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Pork Check-off

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Pork Check-off

  • 1. INSTRUCTIONS & FORMAT RFP – General Call - 2008 DEADLINE: Tuesday, November 27, 2007 – 5:00 pm C.S.T. Thank you for your interest in our Research Program at the National Pork Board! Please read the following instructions completely. All proposals must be submitted via our website. Go to and click on the link to “APPLICATION WEBSITE” under “RFP – General Call - 2008” located in the far right column towards the bottom. On the website you will see two links at the top of the proposal form just beneath the title General Call - 2008”. These are: Exit – will close the website and take you back to Contact Us - will open an e-mail to for your questions. Below the two links, you will see: Page 1 – Research Proposal Information Page (information downloaded into our research database) Link to page 2 –Attachment page (to upload and submit your proposal) Review my Application: Opens all pages for review and modifications. Printer Friendly Version: Once login and account creation are complete, you can access a printer-friendly version for your records. STEP 1: COMPLETE PROPOSAL The proposal must be typed in the required format – see the last four pages of this document. You can also access it at in the right hand column under “RFP – General Call - 2008”. Your proposal must be typed in 12-point font size, Times New Roman font, double-spaced for #1-7 with margins of .5” on left, right, top and bottom. Proposals should be submitted as a WORD file – not PDF. The body of your proposal containing items 1-10, should contain a maximum of twelve pages (only the first twelve pages will be read). CV’s and Letters of Collaboration are not counted within the 12 pages. PLEASE REMEMBER TO TURN OFF TRACKING CHANGES BEFORE UPLOADING PROPOSAL! Save your proposal with the file name of: “LAST NAME, FIRST INITIAL – Proposal”. Example: SMITH,J – Proposal.doc. If you are submitting more than one proposal, please use SMITH,R-2 – Proposal.doc. Restrict the use of scientific acronyms in your proposal. STEP 2: COMPLETE WEBSITE FORM Page 1- Complete each required field on the first page as noted by the red diamond. You may copy and paste this information from the cover page of your proposal. You can save the data entered so far and return later to complete the proposal by clicking on “Save & Finish Later” at the bottom of the page. This will take you to an “Account Login” screen where you enter your e-mail address and assign your own password. When you first create your account, a confirmation e-mail including your password will be sent to you at the e-mail address you entered. This e-mail will include a direct link to the account home page allowing you to log in and resume the proposal process. This account will also allow you to view a list of your pending and submitted proposals. The information entered on page one must be duplicated on the cover page of your proposal. Do not omit the cover page. 1
  • 2. Page 2 – Attachment Page: Click on the Browse… button to locate your proposal and be sure to click on Upload to attach. THIS IS A STEP THAT IS FREQUENTLY MISSED. Your uploaded file will show here if uploaded correctly. You can remove your proposal at this point by checking the Remove box, but once you SUBMIT, you will not be able to access your proposal. At this point, you may review all entries on a single web page by clicking on “Review & Submit” at the bottom of the page. You may change data in any field from this location, but be sure to click UPDATE at the bottom of the pate. STEP 3: SUBMIT PROPOSAL Click on Review & Submit button at the bottom of the page. After reviewing all entries, be sure to either Save & Finish Later or Submit. If any required fields have been left blank, you will be instructed to complete them, and then re-submit. If you are not already logged in, you will be offered the opportunity to receive an e-mail confirmation of the receipt of the application. If you are logged in when you submit your application, you will receive the confirmation e-mail automatically. TO VERIFY PROPOSAL ATTACHMENT UPLOADED AND/OR SENT: Before submission: Click on Printer Friendly Version. If proposal is attached, the file name will show under Attachments at the bottom. After submission: Log into MY ACCOUNT PAGE. Your proposal will be listed under “Submitted” if successfully sent or under “Open” it is still waiting to be submitted. If you have questions not covered in the above instructions, please contact Bev Everitt at 515/223-2750 or DOWNLOAD THIS DOCUMENT AND USE THE NEXT FOUR PAGES AS YOUR PROPOSAL FORMAT. PLEASE DELETE THIS AND THE PREVIOUS PAGES OF INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL. THANK YOU PROPOSAL TEMPLATE (Next page) 2
  • 3. National Pork Board Research Proposal General Call - 2008 Proposal Cover Page It is our policy to honor the confidentiality of each research proposal to protect investigators from having their ideas exposed to unnecessary critique and discussion. However, during review, the reviewer may make discrete inquiries on protocol mechanics if it improves the quality of his/her evaluation, so long as the source and nature of the work is undisclosed. Project # (NPB use only) Category: Number: Project Title: Requested Funding Amount: Project Duration: Principal Investigator and Title: Institution: Address: City, ST ZIP Phone: FAX: Email: Co-Investigator(s) Institution, City, State Email address 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Contracts/Grants Administrator name: Title       Organization Street Address City State Zip Phone Fax E-Mail I (Principal Investigator) certify that the Grants and Contracts Administrator has reviewed this proposal prior to it's submission to National Pork Board for possible funding. 3
  • 4. Research Proposal Summary Page (please limit to one page) Objectives of Research Project: (single space) Description of Research Project, including a description of the experimental design and the statistical analysis to be conducted: (single space) Benefit of Research to Industry: (single space) 4
  • 5. 1. Literature Review - Current status of problem – brief literature review. 2. Related Research by Principal Investigators – Describe earlier related research in this area or closely related field by principal investigator (not more than five citations). 3. Project Objectives - list multiple objectives separately and explain clearly the research questions to be answered 4. Procedures to achieve these objectives - include details of Experimental Design and Methods. Discuss and reference all assays, procedures, and statistical tests used in the study. Document demonstrated expertise with proposed lab procedures. 5. Description of Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan - QA/QC basically refers to all those things good investigators do to make sure their measurements are right on (accurate; the absolute true value), reproducible (precise; consistent), and have a good estimate of their uncertainty. In the regulatory arena, this aspect of data collection is as crucial to the final outcome of a confrontation as the numbers themselves. It specifically involves following established rules in the field and lab to assure everyone that the sample is representative of the site. 6. Schedule/timeline for proposed research. 7. Value of proposed research to the swine industry and relevance to producer priorities (one paragraph). 8. Certification - most institutions require approval of proposals before submission. Please indicate this step has been completed by supplying the names, title, e-mail address and phone number of the personnel from the grants office, college and department who have approved your proposal for submission. PROPOSALS MAY BE REJECTED IF THIS INFORMATION IS NOT INCLUDED. 9. Brief description of plans to disseminate project results to appropriate audiences. 10.Budget for Project – (single space) Overhead and indirect costs are typically NOT covered by Checkoff research funds. Graduate student support, student and other hourly labor, and post-doctoral support will be allowed. Partial support for principal investigators (PI) on less than a 12 month salaried appointment will be allowed if a detailed budget narrative addressing the amount of requested support in relation to the PI project time commitment justifies the expense. Equipment, except for disposable equipment such as test tubes, etc., valued at over $500 is not allowed. Budget format – see template next page a. Costs MUST be indicated in a 3-column format with National Pork Board, University, and Total columns. b. Other funding requested or anticipated in support for this project must be indicated in an additional budget column. 11.Letters of cooperation from project co-investigators and other collaborators. 12. Curriculum Vita for the primary investigator and each co-investigator - two pages each 5
  • 6. Budget (add lines as required): Other Category Description (if needed) NPB Total Support 1) Personnel (include name where appropriate) 2) Contracted Services (diagnostic fees, computer access, etc) 3) Assay and Testing Fees (“per sample” costs not included under Supplies) 4) Travel 5) Equipment (non-disposable items, please contact NPB if greater than $500) 6) Supplies (disposable items and reagents) 7) Animal Cost (list only net cost if animals will be salvaged) 8) Animal Care (per diem care, housing, and feed) 9) Shipping, Handling, Mailing Expenses 10) Other expenses (list) 11) Indirect Cost Recovery (NPB does not pay ICR, please contact NPB with questions) 12) TOTAL Explanation (if req’d):

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