Polyethylene Gas Pipelines – The Way of the FutureConstruction projects around the world are benefitting from the advances...
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Polyethylene gas pipelines – the way of the future

Once you understand the inherent advantages to using PE piping, it becomes very difficult to understand why construction companies still opt to use metal piping. The truth of the matter is that the construction industry, for the most part, has cottoned on to the fact that metal piping is an expensive and inefficient way to go and more and more are using PE piping. Want to find out what the advantages of PE piping are for yourself? Simply read on and find out. http://www.reaygroup.com.au/
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Polyethylene Gas Pipelines – The Way of the FutureConstruction projects around the world are benefitting from the advances in technology associated with PE Piping. Metal piping has been used for ages but there are a range of problems associated with metal piping that are addressed by PE Piping. The biggest advantage that PE Piping has over metal piping is that it will not rust. Corrosion is a huge problem and is difficult to repair once the building is up. PE piping can be made to the client’s specification and can thus avoid this problem altogether. There are several different environments in which one can use PE Pipe – Above ground, subterranean and even in sea water. The pipe can, in fact, be used as a floating pipe and so can prove a lot more useful than metal variants. Unlike metal, the pipe can be made up of varying densities depending on what will be transported by it. Of course, the density required for a gas pipe will be quite different to that required for a sewage line. The reason that Poly Pipe has become so popular and is so rapidly taking over from traditional piping methods boils down to a few different factors: 1) The joints are stronger because they are heat fused. It is highly unlikely that these pipes will leak.2) Poly Pipe lasts a lot longer than traditional piping materials. It will not rot, rust or corrode and can withstand the effects of many different bacterial compounds. Its make up makes it a great resource as far as temperature is concerned – It has an inner and outer skin that allow for heat expansion and it is not sensitive to the cold. 3) It is a lot more flexible than its traditional counterparts. Because of this, it can be laid in almost any configuration and in almost any terrain required. It is very light and very simple to transport and install so you do not need heavy lifting equipment to deal with it.4) Poly Pipe works out to be a very cost-effective option. The pipes can be made up into to longer lengths and this reduces the number of fittings required. The pipe is light-weight and, as mentioned above, saves you on installation costs. Because of its structure, it is also able to resist the rigours placed on piping at a construction site – heavy loads and vibrations can cause damage to piping – by being more resistant, PE piping reduces the need to replace broken piping. Maintenance of the piping once laid down is also a lot simpler and less costly. These factors make PE piping a great choice for tomorrow’s contractors.<br />http://www.reaygroup.com.au/<br />

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